Archangel Blue

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I awaken and experience my light body slipping into the form of Archangel Blue. I know I have re-entered the skin that walks upon the earth. My self perception is the higher self, once again, has recommitted, and renewed the agreement to be here.

It’s a slick, elegant light form that devotedly materializes into this form as a dance of the highest technique. I, we, engage and greet the new day. Together we are reminded of our roots, our starseeded self and the experience of softly knowing and  embracing the first moments of the day.

I am here now fully engaged. I view from a source of oneness. Somehow and thankfully so the torment and suffering is at abay…enough so for me to “observe”, get my coordinates once again and experience meaning of my own presence. I know I am not alone.

There is no later or before. My ego is behaving, chillin and not trying to challenge my soul out of skin. Soul, Archangel Blue, is gaining in light and presence. Blue embraces ego and recognizes that it has served its purpose but is no longer needed in the forefront. However the teaching gained from ego will remain honored forever. We designed this silly act but a well thought out plan. Now, after eons…we are beginning to get it! Get the greater picture, feel the self created koan, experience self empowerment through self love yet always remaining on our toes, on watch and savoring the moment.

Time utilization has become most significant in how it is used, not abused, not ignored but lavished in. So many moments of aliveness and unfolding truth. Aaaaaah, we have wasted much of this valuable increment of linearity out of blindness, ignorance and fear. Yet ironically we return to a form, the very one we have bumped heads with only to now honor in the highest and deepest way. Life…go figure…smile!

Archangel Blue, color is present…day before us….checking in with headquarters and getting the notes for discipline of the day.

I see through the eyes of Blue. In this moment nothing matters but greater purpose. In most moments this is the case. Blue now observes and steers this physical vessel this way and that. Our will is in correlation…divine.

It is this greater presence that surrounds me, an orb of self, observer, one in oneness. Solitude, aloneness are requisite to this enlightened ride. Compassion for all is a gift and honor to share. There is a larger call, the universes await our every illumination. The diversity is expansive. We would like to see this continue without interference. Sovereignity is a divine truth. We each, on our own individual path are seeking to remember and embrace this be-earthrite…NOW!