Month: May 2011

Go the Distance

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If I am to travel and if you travel with me then the commitment is “to go the distance”. There is no place to arrive at but there is the experience shared in witnessing one another’s growth. There are no boundries but the one’s that we create. I spring off of you, you spring off of me but in the end it is self to examine and intergate. Do we have the courage to view each other from the view of within? Can we evolve beside each other and make a better world simply by our be-ingness? I believe so. And when that moment of filling up arrives can we have the courage to acknowledge the solitude each seeks as a necessary part of growth? Aaaaaah, that is truly a point of no return. That takes courage and deep trust of self. Oh so many letting go’s, the fears the doubts but so obviously the duality, the land of the lost avoiding the land of the dead… a moment to consciously die so we may be reborn again. Is that not co-creation? To live in the unknown yet celebrate it with each other?

The companionship I seek on this journey has not been defined and hopefully never will be. Companionship will be the right use of will and the ongoing invitation and presence of soul. Soul infusing matter to be renewed over and over again at an acceleration never witnessed on the planet before. Together we remember ourselves and celebrate for the greater cause! Might who be that companion?

First I am that companion to me. I take deliberate action to self create and pave the way of a new reality. I am freedom. I express from within. I am home. I dare…at anything. How will I ever know my dreams if I don’t live them?! Break from the shackles of imprisonment for the very last time and watch your whole world change. Yes, it will be frightening, yes, you will drag yourself over your own coals and, yes, you will experience a freedom so deep and so rich that eventually you’ll never look back. Inner strength…look for it, love it, develop it and trust it. That’s the voice that haunts you at the door of freedom. That’s the voice that pokes you to a new day, a new way. That’s the only voice that needs to be heard. Learn the difference between inner and outer. Someday you will dance between the worlds as if they are married, in communion…co-creating…spirit in matter…all divinely guided by that amazing inner voice that you have awaited lifetime after lifetime to guide you, to light your way. So what do you have to lose? Well, of course, everything that imprisons you. Hmmmmm, sounds like a good dream to me! Are you ready to go the distance?


Dream with Me

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I open doors and I walk through them. I see patterns and I discard them. I continually have an open canvas and my sensations create the new images and pathways of my dreams.

There can be no limitations in this world of co-creation. Freedom is abounding and calling to me forever. If you walk beside me are you willing to jump? I can only travel this path beside you while you are free. If there is one foot in duality and one foot in spirit we will meet the crunch yet again. The crunch that says here’s a stopping point. I have no stops. This is where we depart. If you walk beside me then dream with me. Remember our world of no limitations, of free choice. Dare you create beside me? Dare you embrace the risks of vulnerability and release? Then dare we can do and dare to dream is our mission, our celebration, our love without walls. This is the invitation of a lifetime. Shall we adventure? Or not?

Tired of Familiarity

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I am tired of my patterns and familiarity. I need to change, become something else. Can this change happen within the company of you? Or do I need a sabatical of a sort to allow the changes to occur within the environment that does not know me?

There are no responses here in my solitude except myself. Therefore I am the only one who responds to me with patterns and limitations. Thus it is me who must be confronted, not other. If I exist alone,  I witness alone and provide or not the responses to myself. I can change familiar responses. I can change me. I can create an open environment that does not seek a familiar me. I can lose myself and know who I truly am. There is no one looking to me and seeing what they have seen before. There is no one looking at me with expectations or attachments to what I have been. I become my only stimulus and response. I can eradicate and create. I can change rapidly or not. I can dream and imagine a new me, an open ended canvas impulsed by my genuine nature, higher self. I can change on a dime and turn the dime into a million. I can enthuse abundance and drink from my own harvest. All this I can do, I can be.

It’s a remake…all of it. It’s a complete release and letting go. It’s a reunion of spirit and matter. It’s a new life, new way, new me and no me at all. What a blessing in disguise…no me at all!

I am divorced from duality and embraced by nonattachment with a heart of gold and compassion. I try not to remember anything. My memory wants to be swept clean and re-enthused with now. So who am I?

Love Is All

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I release you my love and with that the attachments that go with this life of driving a vision. The call is deep and wide with neverending horizons. Together we have faced the boundries of our choices. No loss, no gain but another trial of finding each other and letting go. The love remains and it actually grows so the light remains shining for next time we do meet. And we will meet finding each other once again as our magnetic selves seek each other.

For now, we part only in a world of duality but we did it well. We played hard and played true. Then we came upon a crossroad and it was bewildering. How could this be? How could such love take such a turn? How could love be a cause of suffering. Aaaah but we know too well the personality has a life of sorting even in the face of great soulful will. It is what it is and life goes on.

For me, I now see who I am in a way never unveiled before. With very hard labor I have ventured across a sea of veils that delivered me to this thoughtful place. I have lived. I have died and I’ll continue the cycle. Yet I know more now than before. Wisdom has been gifted to me by my very own slay of the hand.

Nothingness I return to awaiting the next call, awaiting the tap on the shoulder to re-enter form. I know this is my moment to enthuse yet another form, yet another adventure and yet another probable place of departure. Whether the form remains by my side or goes another direction I will remember the protocol, the potential suffering and pain and make wiser choices along the way. Yet while in the duality I will enjoy, be full, present and enthuse to the best of my ability. My soul would not have it any other way. And in each and every moment as I feel the deep calling from within I will remember the nothingness that brought me to this now and I will be grateful that I had the opportunity to relish in a place that I come from and relish in this place as I am form. It can be no other way.

Choices, yes, and changes right behind them. Can we sustain the middle path?

Awakened 3 am

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Awakened at 3am…usually a call to listen deeply…love the silence at that hour. Deep within the energies dance, the light flashes and life is abundant.

I remember a dream this past year of going through some dimensional portal, a wobble of sorts, and on the other side everywhere I turned there was peace…no one needed or wanted anything because they had all they needed and wanted. Families were picnicing and life was simply unintrucive. Alongside another star be-ing friend of mine who is in the physical in this lifetime we had rifles in our hands…at the same moment we looked at each other and went “duh uh” these are no longer needed…it is a time to disarm!

It seems that “disarming” is a good call, synonymous with “surrender”. We are be-ing infused with such heightened vibration unlike any before. I suppose the guardedness we have each carried had its time and place but now it seems very outdated. for what are we guarding ourselves from? And who is doing the guarding?

I have read many articles of late that elaborate on instant manifestation these days. I like to actually call it “femifestation” as that reflects the divine feminine and creation. Anyway I was under the idea that femifestation only meant the abundance and brightness we are choosing in our world. However the other day another insight and experience came to me. I watched myself create, femifest not such brightness (now we could actually use the word “manifest – a reference to an enslaved and otherwise known, patriarchy). Anyway, it was as though I dragged myself over the coals emotionally. Every moment of it I was aware of what I was doing but I couldn’t stop myself. Although while in it the “observer” in me was trying to set the records right and get back to the love…the ease and the effortlessness. Finally that did occur but I had to ask what was that all about?

After some reflection I realized that this was a little test for myself to remind me it is best to watch EVERY iota of a thought, emotional reflex and on and on. The responses we may have from diminshed realities are going to simply kick our butts. So, back to surrender and disarmament…it seems a good protocol for these days unless backlash is something we want?!

Molecular It Is

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I was reminded to journal our changes in this glorious time of evolution. As we experience our physical bodies adapting to the earth shift we note there are new and many changes. Our first impulse is to try to find something outside of ourselves to gain some understanding. Truth is,there is nothing outside ourselves to explain the changes that are occurring in these times.

In my stillness and observation of new inner experiences I can feel the molecules actually re-aligning and perhaps mutating inside of me. There is a dance going on and a light show and an audio of frequencies to complement the new resonant cycle. I observe my own self as a mathmatical equation or a new acoustical physics design. There is something elaborate and multi-faceted with how I feel.

Many meditations I focus on the mind of the cell. I sense that if I can open an intelligent rapport with one cell then it will inform all the other cells. It simplifies my approach doing it this way.

Within You

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Within you and because of you I enthuse form. Whatever is presented to me if asked of me I will perform my holy task. If and when you are full and need to breathe of your own formlessness I gracefully depart. I remain beside you at all times but only appear upon the invitation.

Attachment seems to be a necessary feature in our acts upon the earth. Or perhaps it is more of a full immersion in order to truly savor and co-create within the “matter” at hand. At all moments the option to exist to be non-attached, in fact, is a necessary act of communion with the divine. It is not irreverent to be fully engage in any aspect of earthly experience. In fact, it is the point. However the eternal bliss seeks your company to offer the fluffy ground that we occassionally must fall into. Every so often it is good for the soul to release, let go and take a breath of nothingness. For this is each one of our divine rites and divine source of nourishment. For without it we only suffer and remain ignorant. But with it we are nourished and vitalized. It takes divine vitality to simply exist. Otherwise there would be no life.

So fully engage in lfe and when you meet those crossroads of disbelief and dissappointment this is simply a calling to return home. We do this over and over and over right here on earth. There is no mystery to this availability nor do we need to have a physical death in order to experience it. It’s a rather blatant and reoccurring phenomenon and open to all. The way stations on this journey of life are like clicking our heels 3 times and we are home. Just click your heels when you need to resource. Then happily re-enter form and do the best you can. Share your greater self and watch the world around you light up.

In the meantime, as you sit and exist in nothingness and there seems to be no impulse or what we term as inspiration this is the pointer to be still and thoroughly love yourself. This self embrace is what makes it all good…the nothingness-formless and the form. The dance between is the playland of the soul. Observe these transitions and fine spiritual deaths and re-be-earths. Note nothing is ever lost…nothing is simply the return to source. Empower yourself as these moments occur and reoccur throughout life. Watch the cycles and learn the signs and be open to receiving. Form will always be seeking your divine grace, the divine vitality in its appropriate time. Personality will go vacant here and there but this is simply the nature of who we are in this earthly existence. The soul, the higher self is forever present and when called upon to create it will arrive perfectly on time, in sync with all.

It is these still moments that we have the opportunity to listen and the choice to not bury ourselves with “over thought” allow, allow, allow and trust, trust, trust. We simply are not used to this part of ourselves, this part of divine reality. It has been given a bad rap for all existence and it has separated us for all of existence. Our environment and culture has not nurtured this tender part of our be-ing and so it seems foreign and even incorrect. Yet we keep searching to fill an empty void that is never fullfilled from without. Ultimately, we turn inward and start the journey of knowing who we really are. Yet once in this direction there are a multitude of veils and lies that we must go through and intuit our direction. It can be bumpy for quite awhile but wisdom is gained in each and every step. The path can be lonely and desperate at times but something continues to call from within. Follow it. Swallow it. There are no other options, no ways out. The way is in. We are doing this together, as a group, as a world. That’s when we know we are no longer alone but our very special journey will always be unique to each and every one of us.