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I breathe and I observe. “I” be-ing the key exploration. No more do-ing for me, she says…but it happens…do-ing gets in there and then you wonder how that happened?! Wondering is a do-ing thang too. Oy! That too, huh?!

Okay let’s start again…breathe…observe….wow, this goes on forever. That’s the point…forever…but go more deeply into that…feel it…let the feel take you on the journey…let the mind take a break…long deserved as well.

It is endless where the mind will take us and it’s challenging to truly let the mind have its proper space while the higher self is the present grace. Round and round we go and glimpses do appear. But do we remember how we came to a glimpse? Quietly, the essence embraces all…not quite like anything else but it is there over and over and over. Will I simply remember to allow…accept…embrace this knowing as the portal to my infinity? Do I dare?