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Be-ing… a sensual reminder to simply hug yourself at this very moment and know you are all you need or ever have to be. It seems so simple but the maya keeps us very intrigued and preoccupied with THOUGHT…the never ending cycle of delusion, illusion and certainly sidestepping of the realness…realness as in NOW…nothing more, nothing less. Yet such a challenging affair with one’s self. No looking out, no looking to anyone…sometimes no looking at all. In, In, In weeee go where the wheel ends we never know…nor do we want to or the adventure is over and back in the cyclic wheel we go….only to search for it again…next time. And how many “next times” are we going to choose? As many as we wish…no judgement but scenarios that are all too familiar and we spin endlessly until we truly embrace we are going nowhere. So what is nowhere? Does it really matter? To the mind that seeks definition…yes! To the mind that doesn’t seek…nowhere becomes the prize. Back to be-ing…a surrender, not knowing and a gentle loving embrace knowing you are all you ever need to be…forever. What a koan, eh?!