Steering The Vessel

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It can be a precarious sail. The vessel tips often and then the mind gently prompts it to even keel. Over here, buddy, this is the way you want to sail. Uh oh, how are you going to manage that wave, that emotional surf…coming right at you?! Boom! You’re in it now. Hold steady…listen…here comes the prompt from within….”over here, steer this way…you can do it”. Aaaaaaah, caught myself starting to drift…back into the muck…of my own making. What’s up with that? I came out here to sail free or at least in divinity…duh uh, you are always that! So what’s going on?

It’s the “pointers” as Tolle would say. The mind creates pointers so we can see the way…way within that is. Mind knows all the trappings and all the openings but you have to be courageous…watch what you ask for!

It takes a whole lot of trust in “nothingness”. But something has driven us down this path for eons. One of these eons we are going to get it…ourselves that is…the eternal quest “Who Am I”?