Peace With What Is

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There is a frequency, a subtle sound alongside the earth breathing and echoing her deepest wishes to us. The Mother, Divine Feminine is receptive to the starry influences and organics of evolution. She is not of like consciousness struggling with the infinite ego of blindness. She is free, ever unfolding. She recognizes the air and her body needing cleansing and so she purges in the way that she knows. There is no harboring of grief or regret…she simply is and allows natural movement.

We on the otherhand also have the same impulses and movements in us to cleanse and evolve. But we have intelligent consciousness that is rather occupied with ego. The hardest scenario be-ing “separation”, the do this, don’t do that…continual re-evaluation, self analysis…..and if we look to the Mother and mirror her there is simply peace with what is. Peace with what IS.