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Every moment presents a new practice, a new set of skills but we are all graduates with every tool necessary to join with oneness, our home. Gently in the awakening moments I nudge myself to go within, find all within…even the greeting of the new day. My relationship to this moment is, yes, hello to the new day energies and, yes, it is the sensations from within that I join in conversation. This is the practice of the moment.

As I see and recognize that I am looking from without. I gently guide my focus back to within. I acknowledge that every thought, breath and insight is all residing there awaiting my embrace. It’s no wonder that I have sought such quietude in my life. I am nurturing and cultivating a steadfast focus of living from within…all of it…nothing left behind or out.

A thought will arrive or an observation outside myself and I note its outer coordinate. Then I adjust the coordinate, place it within my be-ing and continue from there. All remains connected. It is simply the place from where I observe. Or one could say it is where the “observer” seems most astute and helpful.

There’s an empowerment awaiting each and every one of us. The perspective of the world is managable on a spiritual and physical level as long as we get our original destination point in place. It just takes a moment of noticing where is the mind operating from? Then it’s a sensation of finding mind from deep within the pocket of this glorious humon vessel.

Often there is an experience that as we think the thoughts are somewhere out there…floating around the outer head zone. In truth the energetic sphere of mental is about that big. Those are the feelers, connectors doing just what they were created to do. However that subtle and physical apparatus can carry our inner awareness with it as well. This is where one can realign that very focus.

Imagine the mind doing its creative thing like thought only when the thoughts arrive imagine that there is that special location within the heart area and the thoughts are filtering from there. Not only are they deriving source from there they are turning back into the self having dialogue there. The whole conversation is happening there. We could even create a gestalt scenario of higher self and ego sitting in 2 comfortable chairs residing perfectly in the heart zone. Ego speaks thinking its out there somewhere in the whirl of the world and higher self responds gently bringing ego awareness to back within. So here’s ego always trying to go out there somewhere and higher self always saying, hey, come back, I’m here. Eventually higher self takes the lead as higher self is forever and ego truly has a short life span. One is immortality the other is not. So the wisdom and ongoingness of higher self is rooted firmly in infinity and awaits ego’s release of distraction and short lived dreams. Aaaaaah, the moment of togetherness, never alone. Now all is in divine order.