I Am The Adventure

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I am the adventure of my life. I am self created in each and every moment. The deep contact that calls me within is ever unfolding. I only need to dare to embrace the stillness, feel the heightened vibration and listen.

I reach for the akashic records knowing I find myself there and the truths of the ancestors. Respectfully I invite the love wisdom of all times. I call out to existences I cannot see but experience in a welcomed knowing. I know better than to put these awarenesses into writing, into thought or limited imagination…for my imagination is limitlessness. We are all stars of brilliance…if only we can get out of the box, the prison, the enslavement. It’s actually very easy to see…comes in glimpses… yet what a stranglehold we have allowed it to become. Dumbed down, made small and then we wonder where is the “more” to life? The ancients have repeatedly said “it’s all right under your nose, just allow, surrender”. And so the story has gone on for eons…long in linear terms but just a breath in the breathless.

Another day, another study with a repeated voice saying “take your power and go home”. A sadness prevails as it has all of this lifetime. At first it was so personal then it became the world and overwhelming. Now…it seems an expression of knowing what of this earthly adventure we are releasing, letting go of and allowing the cleanse that precedes the new be-earth. Sadness indeed, similar to a fast… you are truly cleansing and all seems to crumble by your side. And although what falls is no longer necessary we mourn just the same, our eyes tear up and the lasts of attachments struggle to maintain a grasp. But the unfolding kicks butt…you know it has to go…there is no where else to look…something is over. Even when an ending presents itself it can be for the good or not. None the less, it is still a release…something falls away…and we feel a loss.

New day, new way…what brilliance softens the substance on which we tread
We walk upon the rubble of what is dead,
decaying carcasses and what is unsaid
Yet each of us knows hidden deep in our DNA
that not only are we finding
but we are creating this new day

I am the adventure…not a thing out there, not a stone unturned. I am a self study, a growing organism of fate with a starseed of fixed design. Thank goodness for the dancing molecules or boredom would truly have a deeper stake. Color, light, vibration…the simple movement in ethereal flight that dowses spaciousness day and night. I hold these alchemical elements and revere their vitality as without them I have no life.