Form Entrance & Release

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boldly i enter yet another form so innocently and naive…it’s simply what i do….the heart pulses and the direction is before me, no turning away just going forth…
blindly decisions are made, emotions are swaying and the observer in-courages me on…

i support whatever and wherever i am…i light up worlds and i leave them…missions seem to get accomplished…things seem to grow and then i curl back into the cacoon to become something else, to be drawn to another form that reaches for light, reaches for enthios…

as i approach and enthuse what is i am fully in form,
the form that now has my attention and presence…
as i depart i return to the formless and i am suspended awaiting the next mission…
in the interim i self examine over and over and over who am i?
i have returned to nothingness and no longer recognize myself…i am no longer who i was when on task…i am now regrouping with nothing… therefore nothing occurs…

now i embrace this life theme and recognize all the patterns and angst trying to understand who i was when i no longer was on task…
i simply return to the nothingness that i am

illusion had me by the heels as i became the form i enthused, fully engaged, fully committed, absolute dedication
the departure time would near and my fear would arise knowing the abyss that awaited me…always a reorientation to what is…

however now i recognize the path and i begin to rejoice at the return home that always awaited me after mission completed
the difference this time is i know the form will experience a meltdown and this is to be celebrated
yes, i return to not knowing and the grace of god/goddess within
it’s simply the divine process of going home over and over and over again

i am home now, formless and in the enthios of my own divine self
there is nowhere for me to go or ponder or conjure
i simply am that i am and await the next calling
but this time i know more than i did before
i know i will re-enter form for form sake not for I

when i re-enter i will recognize all the brilliance and potential of the new form
i will conquer the existing illusion and bring light into matter
i will co-create a better existence in whatever i do, whatever i enthuse
i will witness growth and destruction by my very nature of presence
i will observe the tears of departure and fear
i will comfort the soul as long as it wants me
then i will depart at the brim of overflowing and allow all to be what it is to be
only this time i will recognize the signs and prepare my journey away in silence and knowing and integrity
that is simply what occurs
these are the aftermath of war and crisis
this is when the radiant sun is too much to bare
sun must retreat and allow the growth to occur

only this time i don’t walk away injured
in fact, this time i stay to watch, to observe what indeed is to follow with me no longer within the form
this time i witness my own divinity seeded into maturity
this time i lovingly watch my children grow and wean and evolve
this time i sit quietly in my silence and formlessness knowing i have done great deeds and will do more
there can be no attachments, the attachments are removed
i only partook as part of the serving
i now release as part of the completion
there is no wonder anymore of why i return to this formless nothingness
it is where i came from and it is where i return each time after battle
i am home now, recovering, gaining wisdom and preparing for the next adventure
i will re-enter again as i always do
only this time i truly have divorced myself from the illusion
this time i really know the illusion is what i came to dissolve and illusion is what i walk away from…no strings attached, no memories or hope…simply a “spiritual walk-away” knowing it is a pattern, a spiritual pattern, a life theme that no longer creates anguish in my heart…simply a celebration of complete devotion