Molecular It Is

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I was reminded to journal our changes in this glorious time of evolution. As we experience our physical bodies adapting to the earth shift we note there are new and many changes. Our first impulse is to try to find something outside of ourselves to gain some understanding. Truth is,there is nothing outside ourselves to explain the changes that are occurring in these times.

In my stillness and observation of new inner experiences I can feel the molecules actually re-aligning and perhaps mutating inside of me. There is a dance going on and a light show and an audio of frequencies to complement the new resonant cycle. I observe my own self as a mathmatical equation or a new acoustical physics design. There is something elaborate and multi-faceted with how I feel.

Many meditations I focus on the mind of the cell. I sense that if I can open an intelligent rapport with one cell then it will inform all the other cells. It simplifies my approach doing it this way.