Awakened 3 am

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Awakened at 3am…usually a call to listen deeply…love the silence at that hour. Deep within the energies dance, the light flashes and life is abundant.

I remember a dream this past year of going through some dimensional portal, a wobble of sorts, and on the other side everywhere I turned there was peace…no one needed or wanted anything because they had all they needed and wanted. Families were picnicing and life was simply unintrucive. Alongside another star be-ing friend of mine who is in the physical in this lifetime we had rifles in our hands…at the same moment we looked at each other and went “duh uh” these are no longer needed…it is a time to disarm!

It seems that “disarming” is a good call, synonymous with “surrender”. We are be-ing infused with such heightened vibration unlike any before. I suppose the guardedness we have each carried had its time and place but now it seems very outdated. for what are we guarding ourselves from? And who is doing the guarding?

I have read many articles of late that elaborate on instant manifestation these days. I like to actually call it “femifestation” as that reflects the divine feminine and creation. Anyway I was under the idea that femifestation only meant the abundance and brightness we are choosing in our world. However the other day another insight and experience came to me. I watched myself create, femifest not such brightness (now we could actually use the word “manifest – a reference to an enslaved and otherwise known, patriarchy). Anyway, it was as though I dragged myself over the coals emotionally. Every moment of it I was aware of what I was doing but I couldn’t stop myself. Although while in it the “observer” in me was trying to set the records right and get back to the love…the ease and the effortlessness. Finally that did occur but I had to ask what was that all about?

After some reflection I realized that this was a little test for myself to remind me it is best to watch EVERY iota of a thought, emotional reflex and on and on. The responses we may have from diminshed realities are going to simply kick our butts. So, back to surrender and disarmament…it seems a good protocol for these days unless backlash is something we want?!