Dream with Me

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I open doors and I walk through them. I see patterns and I discard them. I continually have an open canvas and my sensations create the new images and pathways of my dreams.

There can be no limitations in this world of co-creation. Freedom is abounding and calling to me forever. If you walk beside me are you willing to jump? I can only travel this path beside you while you are free. If there is one foot in duality and one foot in spirit we will meet the crunch yet again. The crunch that says here’s a stopping point. I have no stops. This is where we depart. If you walk beside me then dream with me. Remember our world of no limitations, of free choice. Dare you create beside me? Dare you embrace the risks of vulnerability and release? Then dare we can do and dare to dream is our mission, our celebration, our love without walls. This is the invitation of a lifetime. Shall we adventure? Or not?