Go the Distance

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If I am to travel and if you travel with me then the commitment is “to go the distance”. There is no place to arrive at but there is the experience shared in witnessing one another’s growth. There are no boundries but the one’s that we create. I spring off of you, you spring off of me but in the end it is self to examine and intergate. Do we have the courage to view each other from the view of within? Can we evolve beside each other and make a better world simply by our be-ingness? I believe so. And when that moment of filling up arrives can we have the courage to acknowledge the solitude each seeks as a necessary part of growth? Aaaaaah, that is truly a point of no return. That takes courage and deep trust of self. Oh so many letting go’s, the fears the doubts but so obviously the duality, the land of the lost avoiding the land of the dead… a moment to consciously die so we may be reborn again. Is that not co-creation? To live in the unknown yet celebrate it with each other?

The companionship I seek on this journey has not been defined and hopefully never will be. Companionship will be the right use of will and the ongoing invitation and presence of soul. Soul infusing matter to be renewed over and over again at an acceleration never witnessed on the planet before. Together we remember ourselves and celebrate for the greater cause! Might who be that companion?

First I am that companion to me. I take deliberate action to self create and pave the way of a new reality. I am freedom. I express from within. I am home. I dare…at anything. How will I ever know my dreams if I don’t live them?! Break from the shackles of imprisonment for the very last time and watch your whole world change. Yes, it will be frightening, yes, you will drag yourself over your own coals and, yes, you will experience a freedom so deep and so rich that eventually you’ll never look back. Inner strength…look for it, love it, develop it and trust it. That’s the voice that haunts you at the door of freedom. That’s the voice that pokes you to a new day, a new way. That’s the only voice that needs to be heard. Learn the difference between inner and outer. Someday you will dance between the worlds as if they are married, in communion…co-creating…spirit in matter…all divinely guided by that amazing inner voice that you have awaited lifetime after lifetime to guide you, to light your way. So what do you have to lose? Well, of course, everything that imprisons you. Hmmmmm, sounds like a good dream to me! Are you ready to go the distance?