Love Is All

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I release you my love and with that the attachments that go with this life of driving a vision. The call is deep and wide with neverending horizons. Together we have faced the boundries of our choices. No loss, no gain but another trial of finding each other and letting go. The love remains and it actually grows so the light remains shining for next time we do meet. And we will meet finding each other once again as our magnetic selves seek each other.

For now, we part only in a world of duality but we did it well. We played hard and played true. Then we came upon a crossroad and it was bewildering. How could this be? How could such love take such a turn? How could love be a cause of suffering. Aaaah but we know too well the personality has a life of sorting even in the face of great soulful will. It is what it is and life goes on.

For me, I now see who I am in a way never unveiled before. With very hard labor I have ventured across a sea of veils that delivered me to this thoughtful place. I have lived. I have died and I’ll continue the cycle. Yet I know more now than before. Wisdom has been gifted to me by my very own slay of the hand.

Nothingness I return to awaiting the next call, awaiting the tap on the shoulder to re-enter form. I know this is my moment to enthuse yet another form, yet another adventure and yet another probable place of departure. Whether the form remains by my side or goes another direction I will remember the protocol, the potential suffering and pain and make wiser choices along the way. Yet while in the duality I will enjoy, be full, present and enthuse to the best of my ability. My soul would not have it any other way. And in each and every moment as I feel the deep calling from within I will remember the nothingness that brought me to this now and I will be grateful that I had the opportunity to relish in a place that I come from and relish in this place as I am form. It can be no other way.

Choices, yes, and changes right behind them. Can we sustain the middle path?