Tired of Familiarity

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I am tired of my patterns and familiarity. I need to change, become something else. Can this change happen within the company of you? Or do I need a sabatical of a sort to allow the changes to occur within the environment that does not know me?

There are no responses here in my solitude except myself. Therefore I am the only one who responds to me with patterns and limitations. Thus it is me who must be confronted, not other. If I exist alone,  I witness alone and provide or not the responses to myself. I can change familiar responses. I can change me. I can create an open environment that does not seek a familiar me. I can lose myself and know who I truly am. There is no one looking to me and seeing what they have seen before. There is no one looking at me with expectations or attachments to what I have been. I become my only stimulus and response. I can eradicate and create. I can change rapidly or not. I can dream and imagine a new me, an open ended canvas impulsed by my genuine nature, higher self. I can change on a dime and turn the dime into a million. I can enthuse abundance and drink from my own harvest. All this I can do, I can be.

It’s a remake…all of it. It’s a complete release and letting go. It’s a reunion of spirit and matter. It’s a new life, new way, new me and no me at all. What a blessing in disguise…no me at all!

I am divorced from duality and embraced by nonattachment with a heart of gold and compassion. I try not to remember anything. My memory wants to be swept clean and re-enthused with now. So who am I?