Whale Consciousness

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In the wrappings of a mayan environment, a reality I feel and see there is a mother orca whale nursing a baby whale. They are content in their pristine environment unintruded by the outside world. Yet each knows when the time is ripe they will return to an ocean never swam in before.

I hold this timeline within me. There the mother and child are protected and nourished in becoming, maturing and envisioning a vast sea of consciousness and embrace.

Be patient, holder of the truth, be patient. All is unfolding perfectly and, yes, the world around you as you have known it is dissolving before your very eyes. Nothing but the new and the heightened vibration holds attraction nor aversion. It simply is as you witness the return to the dust, the earth.

It’s a remake, another take and there is nothing to be known of the origins other than it simply exists. It vibrates more strongly, the vitality is greater and there is promise of more genius on the earth. We are all in a waiting tank or period of non-linear time. This has never occurred before. We are divinely shining and growing stronger before the collective release into the new sea of consciousness. Innate timing is of the essence. We have awaited this for a very long time. All is getting into place and all have a part to play.

Hold on Deer Ones and allow this vacant space to incubate and become what is to become. There is nothing to do, or be or anywhere to go. Shed the skins that no longer serve and trust deeply in this magnificent unfolding. Yes, there is a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. Only this time everyone has access. What a beautiful image and existence. Yet, patience is of the upmost importance. Don’t try to push the river. Trust. Enjoy the peace and stillness for out of this comes creation. Only the mind can foster limitation as it can foster limitlessness. Which do you choose? Which do you have the courage to allow? Listen deeply from within. The guidance is always there. No fear. Simply willingness to let go of anything and everything you have ever known or been attached to. The familiar is always a pointer that something must go now.