Month: July 2011

“Still Stops”

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Busyness in the air…it’s a dare to be restful! Yet everything is calling us to be “still” so we can listen.

Soon we’ll have these “still stops” all around town like trolley car stops where humon gets a moment of rest and quiet and then continues what they are doing. You’ll go into this sound proofed cubby, experience the “zone”…have to do it alone…and check in with those guiding voices only you can hear. Maybe there will be tones of assistance like the love frequency of 528Hz ?!

It’s time to carve out our zone time and zone tones to remain rooted and grounded in Mother Gaia and, of coarse, the reality we are creating for ourselves. It’s all one and the same.

It appears we the people are likely to repeat a few more collective patterns before the 100th monkey emerges. The pattern I speak of is the all out crisis to, yet again, experience the heart coming forth to lead. This option of heart coming forth without crisis is totally available now but the last bits of duality have a stronghold on this way of doing it. But I do believe in miracles and our beloved earth family and on a dime a new day, new way can occur.

Imagine that there are these light bubbles, small orb structures that are radiating with warm, cuddly light and sound frequencies. They’re everywhere you go. People are going in and out of them and coming out buzzed in balance. This is doable. Perhaps it begins at the trolley stops. They’re already set up for the sitting invitation. Although we may miss a few rides when the buzz is simply too good to depart…smile!

This idea may be an ideal street art/healing happening. Somehow set up some sound proofing, an enclosed structure…maybe even cardboard…a head set and tones to be soothed by. Invite people to simply come in, sit down, get a buzz and hopefully some seconds of peacefullness, stillness and then carry on. What a wonderful offering to collective health care!

I imagine we’ll be seeing evolution of this nature and as our genius is more revealed there is no telling how brilliant our efforts and ideas will come into fruition!

For this moment, imagine your own peaceful orb…what does your “still stop” look and feel like? Can it be created in a physical form? Why not create it?! ┬áCan you see it in your mind’s eye? Embellish yourself in it!!!!!