Month: August 2011

Deep Yearning

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It has been a time of going in and finding out what is the “big yearning” about?! I would have to say this has been a life theme. It has created one scenario after another of predictable outcomes. I finally said “NO”! I’m tired of the predicatble happenings, habits, patterns and blatantly true, addictions.

I have always thought that we didn’t really have the heart quite right as in what is love? It has felt to me that we love from our mind. As a result we experience guilt and shame and attachment to this very thing we call love.

As I started my inner search for the meaning of “yearning” I readily was brought to the subject of attachment. Yearning typically is for something outside of ourselves, something we think we need or want or desire. Thus when the yearning cannot be met we literally suffer and engage with our variety of pain bodies. On the otherhand we have all heard about unconditional love but do we really understand and practice this? I think we have moments of this genuine experience but like a spiritual practice we have momentary epiphanies and ah ha’s too. The sustaining of this root source is something we ultimately look for.

I put myself to a test recently and started to listen to when my body was “yearning” for something. I chose my closest relationship to see if, in fact, I was yearning for whatever I was attached to or was I genuinely feeling unconditional love. Well, lo and behold, I could identify the yearning as in an addiction. I noticed that when I was missing the other or yearning for them it suddenly took on the same face as needing a “fix”. Yes, just like an addiction. Wow! Did that knock my socks off! Well, that started a whole backwards journey of reviewing absolutely every relationship I could possibly remember.


Hear Truth Within

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When I was visiting Tekal Mayan Ruins I embraced a very ancient Grandmother tree and asked what she knew and what wisdom she could share as I viewed the people, the tourists in the distance going from one ruin to the other. She said “be thankful that the people are seeking.”

I have always held the belief that once all are participating in life improvisationally that is “the art of be-ing in the moment” I’ll know we have arrived.

As I ask over and over who am I and what is it we as a collective seek, the answer that occurs over and over is “peace”. When I follow the inner path to peace I return to what we have referred to as “nothingness” or the “unmanifested”. Then I ask how does this unmanifested existence relate to the world that surrounds us if at all? The answer is when we no longer need outer validation and remember that all is answered from within then the outer reality will no longer exist as it does. It will become a mirror of the peace from within.

At this stage of evolution there remains the incessant desire to know who we are and that is typically answered by the ongoing life experiences of mirroring and reflecting in one another. This process of involvement in the outer world, the world of maya and duality continually shows us what we are not and in-courages us to return home, go within to find our answers. All of this particular journeying is still a creative process from the mind of illusion, albeit, at times very brillant and other times typically filled with greed and fear. However, we do have moments of divinity and genius that forever remain in our consciousness somewhere within our be-ing.

Those little bits of light keep a flame going within that always lights up home.

When I explore the understanding of “nothingness” or the “unmanifested” I ultimately come to the place of understanding that this in essence is a very deep frequency of trust. We no longer conjure or think our evolution. We become it. What I think the experience of the unmanifested is revealing is that when we finally only go within for re-sourcing, sourcing, then the experience of peace is continually creating a mirror to the entire source of existence. Thus the law of attraction is now pure in its essence of reflecting peace. When peace becomes the collective mirror to the cosmos then the inevitable result is that peace becomes the existence in which we live.

With that be-ing said I woud define conscious evolution as no longer seeking from without but trusting as we find peace over and over within ourselves that the outer transformation is a given. However, there is a process here that Grandmother spoke to, that be-ing the people seeking. It is important that at least the people are seeking for only through that process will we know what simply doesn’t work. Then as a result going in is the only other option or go dumb and dead and continue elsewhere. Elseewhere at this moment is another topic of discussion.

Where does this leave us as conscious evolutionaries and lightworkers in the world? Personally, it seems as long as I am questioning or seeking to fullfill a role in the outer life I am missing the point. However, if I am practicing a continual return to nothingness and trusting there is a reflection of my peace into the outer reality then I seem to be more in alignment with “what is”. However the dilemna created from this is what happens to this whole illusion of reality that we are now living in? This creates quite a big tumble. The problem I see is that the “going within” is absolutely necessary before the new outer creation emerges. Now what is our world going to look like while everyone takes a hiatus to self reflect, self destroy and find peace within? It would seem that a lot would crumble. Don’t ya think?!

And those altruistic, self sacrificing models of “helping” probably wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. Why? Because they are still being created from thought and mental idealism not genuine understanding of peace from within. We have yet to experience a reality that genuinely comes from a collective peace within. If this comes first and the outer world creation after then how does anyone know now what anything is “suppose” to look like?! It’s still be-ing made up from “thought” and “conjecture” with some light and love mixed in but not the whole picture. I say the whole picture goes back to the brilliant application of creation from the unmanifested…do overs…albeit, an exquisite imporovisational dance of the divine.

I’m trusting that if I can be at peace and simply allow what is to manifest then chances are it is much grander than anything I can think or propose. This is where I look at the improvisation of life, the art of be-ing in the moment. In this concept the understanding is that all is perfect in the cosmic world of the unmanifested. There is already the essence of peace and glory and genius. So as we allow we actually open ourselves to the unfolding perfection. There is a symphony of life that absolutely plays well together. We are each an instrument of this symphony. When we allow, the perfect parts are played and the entire orchestra of “us” thus plays well together.

Then I would think that any efforts we may be making to offer people places to find enlightenment may still be coated with unnecessary action. It would seem to me, be-ing the social humons that we are, that  as we resonate toward each other and experience the many levels of “attraction or magnetic rapport” that is experienced, in and of itself is the teaching and enlightenment we can offer to each other. It just makes sense that each other is the greatest reflection of light and not what we are offering in ways of models of teaching. As we attract we are who we are and we share how we are on our spiritual journey. At this stage of evoution we seem to have all the writings and origins of spiritual truths we need to go forth with and decipher as we hear truth in it for ourselves.


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Going beyond limitation with imagination…

As I become more intimate with source I recognize the limitations of humon form and existence. The over view from source allows me to accept the limitations and intelligently navigate my beingness within the parameters to my highest potential. This could be referred to as “spiritualizing matter”. Once the understanding of duality is gained and the self empowerment of no longer choosing to be a victim in the maya the play of life really begins. Now we are seeing through the eyes of source and consciously making choices of a higher vibration. It is no longer a labyrinth of trial and error. It is in fact an accurate application of intelligent activity.

The greater picture, the overview is now blatantly obvious as we sensitively allow source to be the guiding force. Here lies the infinite freedom and application of our free will. This is when we are consciously the co-creators of humonity.

So the questions arise as to what will I do, what do I want to create. The beauty of answering these questions is that the answers remain to be revealed from the same source that we gained the wherewithall to even ask the questions. The personal process of becoming conscious is the same process of answering these questions. Ask, allow and listen as source guides you with your particular skills, resources and imagination. Dream the dream and trust the divine fullfills but not necessarily as you may see it. However the essence is provided as it is given in relationship to the very source of the soul in which the request was formed. Divine intervention is an integrated part of all. It’s as if source is really our group consciousness and as we ask and imagine it is then susceptible to group process as well. As a result all is considered and the best creative solution is presented. This may be why results from our requests arrive slightly modified or enlarged or even disguised. Our requests aren’t solo so we are all receiving what we asked for after group input, thus the beauty of collective return.

So it seems we are at our highest potential that which is tapped into source that is articulating the group process. Our communications of brilliant ideas and insights of genius are an integrated group delivery of the highest possible creative solution. That’s why attending to source as the “source” is a significant integral in the greater picture. There is no articulation of beauty and life if it is anything other than to serve the greater whole, humonity. If we are articulating only as “self” it immediately shows its shortcomings in not representing the whole. Thus it is an incomplete delivery of sorts. The entire correlation has to be represented at all times in order for a significant and wholistic outcome to occur. This is the practice of holding the intention of purity and purpose for the highest free good will of all. Then all unfolds from there. Eventually this intention is a shared soul infusion amongst all humonity and the group now functions at its highest potential. In a sense you could say it is group heaven made manifest on group earth for another way of perspective.

In the meantime source is gifting back to us all of our soul’s desires but with this group infusion. Source is always taking all into consideration. It is even filling in the gaps where we as humons may not be embracing the group intention. Thus when we receive what we ask for with a slightly different form it is the higher version of group editing from source. That’s why in most instances our return is typically more vast than what we asked for. Group simply adds or embellishes the request with more expansiveness and limitlessness in nature. Perhaps even giving us more than we can actually imagine or maybe feel we even deserve.

This now brings me to creating a model for group evolution in how do we heal the issues of humonity? It would seem that the opening statements and every mission would have to begin with “What serves all?”. In answering this question that can be applied to all issues seeking creative solutions that we now empower as a theme.

If at any point we stray from our focus we can continue to return to that question to guides us along. In the asking of this question our imagination and acceptance of limitlessness now is brightly welcomed. There are no separations. It is no longer necessary.