Hear Truth Within

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When I was visiting Tekal Mayan Ruins I embraced a very ancient Grandmother tree and asked what she knew and what wisdom she could share as I viewed the people, the tourists in the distance going from one ruin to the other. She said “be thankful that the people are seeking.”

I have always held the belief that once all are participating in life improvisationally that is “the art of be-ing in the moment” I’ll know we have arrived.

As I ask over and over who am I and what is it we as a collective seek, the answer that occurs over and over is “peace”. When I follow the inner path to peace I return to what we have referred to as “nothingness” or the “unmanifested”. Then I ask how does this unmanifested existence relate to the world that surrounds us if at all? The answer is when we no longer need outer validation and remember that all is answered from within then the outer reality will no longer exist as it does. It will become a mirror of the peace from within.

At this stage of evolution there remains the incessant desire to know who we are and that is typically answered by the ongoing life experiences of mirroring and reflecting in one another. This process of involvement in the outer world, the world of maya and duality continually shows us what we are not and in-courages us to return home, go within to find our answers. All of this particular journeying is still a creative process from the mind of illusion, albeit, at times very brillant and other times typically filled with greed and fear. However, we do have moments of divinity and genius that forever remain in our consciousness somewhere within our be-ing.

Those little bits of light keep a flame going within that always lights up home.

When I explore the understanding of “nothingness” or the “unmanifested” I ultimately come to the place of understanding that this in essence is a very deep frequency of trust. We no longer conjure or think our evolution. We become it. What I think the experience of the unmanifested is revealing is that when we finally only go within for re-sourcing, sourcing, then the experience of peace is continually creating a mirror to the entire source of existence. Thus the law of attraction is now pure in its essence of reflecting peace. When peace becomes the collective mirror to the cosmos then the inevitable result is that peace becomes the existence in which we live.

With that be-ing said I woud define conscious evolution as no longer seeking from without but trusting as we find peace over and over within ourselves that the outer transformation is a given. However, there is a process here that Grandmother spoke to, that be-ing the people seeking. It is important that at least the people are seeking for only through that process will we know what simply doesn’t work. Then as a result going in is the only other option or go dumb and dead and continue elsewhere. Elseewhere at this moment is another topic of discussion.

Where does this leave us as conscious evolutionaries and lightworkers in the world? Personally, it seems as long as I am questioning or seeking to fullfill a role in the outer life I am missing the point. However, if I am practicing a continual return to nothingness and trusting there is a reflection of my peace into the outer reality then I seem to be more in alignment with “what is”. However the dilemna created from this is what happens to this whole illusion of reality that we are now living in? This creates quite a big tumble. The problem I see is that the “going within” is absolutely necessary before the new outer creation emerges. Now what is our world going to look like while everyone takes a hiatus to self reflect, self destroy and find peace within? It would seem that a lot would crumble. Don’t ya think?!

And those altruistic, self sacrificing models of “helping” probably wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. Why? Because they are still being created from thought and mental idealism not genuine understanding of peace from within. We have yet to experience a reality that genuinely comes from a collective peace within. If this comes first and the outer world creation after then how does anyone know now what anything is “suppose” to look like?! It’s still be-ing made up from “thought” and “conjecture” with some light and love mixed in but not the whole picture. I say the whole picture goes back to the brilliant application of creation from the unmanifested…do overs…albeit, an exquisite imporovisational dance of the divine.

I’m trusting that if I can be at peace and simply allow what is to manifest then chances are it is much grander than anything I can think or propose. This is where I look at the improvisation of life, the art of be-ing in the moment. In this concept the understanding is that all is perfect in the cosmic world of the unmanifested. There is already the essence of peace and glory and genius. So as we allow we actually open ourselves to the unfolding perfection. There is a symphony of life that absolutely plays well together. We are each an instrument of this symphony. When we allow, the perfect parts are played and the entire orchestra of “us” thus plays well together.

Then I would think that any efforts we may be making to offer people places to find enlightenment may still be coated with unnecessary action. It would seem to me, be-ing the social humons that we are, that  as we resonate toward each other and experience the many levels of “attraction or magnetic rapport” that is experienced, in and of itself is the teaching and enlightenment we can offer to each other. It just makes sense that each other is the greatest reflection of light and not what we are offering in ways of models of teaching. As we attract we are who we are and we share how we are on our spiritual journey. At this stage of evoution we seem to have all the writings and origins of spiritual truths we need to go forth with and decipher as we hear truth in it for ourselves.