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August, 2013

My Story…

About 6 months ago I was guided from within to let everything go and begin my Walkabout. In truth the call has been there all my life…only it took me to these very moments to finally surrender.

I have diligently and enduringly released a lifetime of “stuff”. I had no idea how challenging it was going to be to do this. The goal was to simplify my life to Champa and Teardrop with no storage units to look back upon.

At first, things were flying out of my house. Then I was confronted with “things of value” that, of course, I wanted to sell. They were still in my life because I had given them so much “value”. Then the spiritual switch turned on and I had a whole new perspective and experience occur.

I embraced the empowering understanding that I was the value, the asset. I turned my attention to eternal source and recognized that the true sovereignity and purpose of my be-ing was a gift every moment of my life. All I needed to do was open myself to receiving and cultivating a deep frequency of trust to gratefully receive our divine inheritance. I know this is a familiar understanding philosophically and spiritually speaking but I wanted the genuine experience and sensation of knowing this under no uncertain terms.

At this juncture the items that I had assigned monetary value to transformed into pure energy. I noted as I started my grand give-a-way that tremendous energy was be-ing released and in a sense I was making huge energetic deposits into an Illumined Free World Bank, our bank, the collective universe. The release was beyond words.

I have called out to creator, our abundant universe, Gaia for on-going guidance. My dedication and devotion is to my oneness and flow with all that is knowing I will be cared for in absolutely every instance.

Trust, love, compassion, generosity, forgiveness, respect, integrity, transparency, gratefullness and a whole bunch of laughter and humor are the principles of my be-ingness. These principles nurture me on this healing path of love-wisdom and infinite knowledge.

So spirit said to me “ask and you shall receive” and don’t be attached to how it may come to me…just ask!

I have made infinite deposits into our Illumined Free World Bank as all of us have and, in fact, some of you are or have been the recipients of my deposits.  

This fundraising project is my universal announcement that I would like to make a withdrawal please!

May we all prosper and grow. I love each and everyone of you DEERLY and know We Are W-One!!!
So Much Love and Mahala!