An Angelic Start

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It had been a year, 2012, that I was calling in “swimming with the dolphins”. It had been going on 4 years that I had been revisiting’s site over and over and over again. Joan Ocean was taking folks out to swim with the dolphins, whales and contact of our Star Brother’s and Sisters, on the Big Island, Hawaii.

I knew something needed to “change up” in my life. I asked myself what brings me great joy? The answer was always to swim with the dolphins.

I started to share this with my intimates and readily they were offering affirmations of “you go for it” and “it can happen”.

My econonmy needed a gift from the universe to make this dream come true. Towards the middle of 2012 there were 2 instances that $2000 came my way and there were 2 instances where other priorities in my life needed that money. Yet, somehow I knew these were harbingers and I stayed true to my dream.

Each month I would check when next seminar was coming up and take account of my funds but often I saw those dates come and go. I prevailed.

This next part is funny to me. I usually chuckle when I tell the story.

One friend who was most reassuring of my dream coming true looked me straight in the eye and said “you are going”! I took the confidence to heart and accepted the in-couragement that we can make things happen. Then she did it again sometime later and this time there was something in the way she said it that maybe, perhaps, she was offering funds?! I did ponder what I was intuitively feeling but I didn’t ask for clarity from my friend about her intent. Well, 3rd time she says same thing and this time I got it. I asked are you saying you have funds for me to go? Uh, huh! She said, I received an unexpected gift and “you’re going to Hawaii to swim with the dolphins”! Get the dates and research the airflight and “go on with yourself”!


Then she chimes in “I may even go” and from that point we were “on” with our journey.

My friend is my Angel and she initiated this amazing passageway for what unfolds next. I am forever gratefull to her and only wish that I, too, get to be an Angel for someone else like she did for me.