Return From 1st Dolphin Swim

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Entry Written February 7th, 2013 

I returned from Hawaii, the Big Island, profoundly changed. To experience, Sophia Gaia, in another aspect of her earthly self and differing geographical and planetary energetics was a journey in and of itself.

When I first put my feet on the earth after a very long series of flights I immediately started to sway from left to right with my arms wanting to float wavingly up and down. I exclaimed to myself ” the island moves” and then realized and understood how the Hawaiian Dance that goes side to side had its origins. Wow! This is special!

The climate, needless to say, is remarkably filled with comfort. The abundance of green, food and herbs are scattered everywhere ready for harvest at any given moment. Wherever you walk something is ripe and ready and often lying at your very feet. You pretty readily think this has got to be where “Paradisio” was first created. It makes perfect sense.

Prior to this journey I had experienced many rites of passage preparing me for this new adventure. After a good 2 years of solitary prayer, meditation and deep thinking I had emerged within my community of Eureka Springs, Arkansas ready to begin life anew…and I did just that, new friends, activities, visions and an evergrowing relationship with Gaia and community at the OM Sanctuary.

However, something from my entire lifetime nawed at my inner self always prompting me to go deeper, go deeper, release, release, release. This prompt inevitably led me down the rabbit hole where I would find myself free, mobile, prosperous, traveling and on my own organic rhythm…always in relationship to Gaia, Mother Earth and Father Sky with Spirit/Creator right smack in my heart joining the two.

“How do I get there?” I would ask. “How do I return to the origins of who I am?” The response was persistently a “strip down”, let everything go and start all over without all your “firch” (a word I learned in Arkansas years ago meaning simply “all your stuff” material that is). This idea intrigued me and urged me to go there, dare to let it all go and get so, so very simple. Then see what happens. The image was always so freeing to imagine getting my life down to a car and my beloved Teardrop trailer although that wasn’t always in the picture but she is now. I was challenged to unload all debt and “firch” except the obvious electronics for my craft. This tintillated the taste of “freedom” for me. I didn’t see anyway around it although I tried for years to live with more and more simplified ways but the real urge was all of it has to go.

When I first started my journey on The Big Island it was a seminar with Joan Ocean that kickstarted me into my “freedom run”. I joined her and 43 other members from 11 different countries as we “showed up” together to celebrate the 12/21/13 portal. We knew spirit had divinely designed our coming together. Our common denominator? We were coming to swim with the spinner dolphins and physically and telepathically join in spirit with them. We went far beyond the original call with an added spice to the experience of also be-ing there to gather with our Star Brothers and Sisters. We did all of it and more….travel…timelines….portals and returns. Everything laid out with intentiion, guidance and then left to our own personal flight and integration. It was an adventure that I awaited to experience for a very, very, very long time. The whales that were added on were the icing on the cake and later to learn that they were truly who I was there for among a few more select be-ings of Gaia.

The Big Island continued her dance while the vitality of Gaia was so pungent, direct and present. There was no moment lost that you were not reminded that earth was be-ing created continuously from within Gaia’s core where TuTu Pele roared and spurted her sweet, thick lava. What a brilliant plan! Everywhere you turned lava rock and ash was intermingled in the varying landscapes and in some places a wide open desert like scape of pourous brown and red rock. And then all bestowed upon by the blood and emotions of Gaia, her soothing aqua blue ocean…aaaaaah! The waves, the bigness, vastness, depth…wow!

It didn’t take a blink of an eye to feel the “freedom” of my spirit soaring. I was home…ET come home…I did.