The Dream Reveals

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Entry Written February 9th, 2013

The Dream Reveals

There is nothing difficult about what you have to do. The dream has already been dreamt. Following your free spirit is what releases the codes and abundance to live the dream. You are dreaming continuously and have been forever. The multi-dimensional realities are simultaneously present at all times. It is correct to release your own pineal DMT to assist in your vision and ultimate awakening. Gaia has always presented this gift to guide you on your way. It is a blessing and a well desrved honoring with gratefullness.

As a result there is no separation. All is present here and now. Your sensations and vibratory nature seek your consciousness. This is what we name magick. The alchemist within is another gift, a very divine intervention with the trine of self. There is always guidance and direction when seeking love-wisdom from within. This is a given fabric and divine plan of the infinite matrix of creation. All be-ings have this sovereign rite.

You have nothing “to do”. That is an illusion of imprisionment. You have everything “to be”. That is a divine rite of freedom. All is present now. Breathe, allow, let go and follow the cosmic flow. The life of love-wisdom is infinite and you have always been a key and divine player of creation. Gaia is the consciousness you are interacting with on this grand blue planet. She is the oneness that is within and created the “crystal rainbow bridge” and unity consciousness of spirit and form. The dream and the material realm are inter-related.There is no separation nor can there be. It is from within that the vision and knowing of this is revealed and made known. There are no tricks or fences to jump. It is a given to those of you who are spiritually apt enough to receive the blessings. Every element and aspect of the universe is in cooperation, connectivity and coherence with you. Thus, never alone.

Design and dream, Deer Ones. There are no “stops” nor interference. There never has been. Your minds, the ego, were influenced and swayed your forgetfullness only for a limited time. All knew this would not be prolonged forever as it was truly a temporary vering off from each of your dreams. It simply has been a test to strengthen your love-wisdom and it has. All are returning home. Each of you are creating the path back to home. This is a given. The dream has always been present and now you are remembering and be-ing empowered by your own selves. Look within. That is the only place that holds this holy truth. You were swayed to not go there as it was the challenge you were given to meet. The meeting is here now. The energies as such are growing and the changes are inevitable. It was part of the plan. All nations are active and participating in this multi-dimensional gathering, an interactive re-union. You are not alone. You have never been alone.

Letting go is a peripheral trick. As you view belongings and burdens from the magical perspective of within you are set free. Each and every release is a confrontation of residual fear, again, a misnomer. It doesn’t exist when you realize you are not dreaming it but you did accept it’s very viable existence, enough so, to deter you from your true essence and vision. This is be-ing released. 

Re-assess all your material items and relationship to them. Re-lease knowing you will reclaim the beauty and true prosperity of the material after you release it. It’s a new day, clean slate and so begin again with deep frequency of trust that all is be-ing provided for at every given turn. There is no need to hold on to anything. That illusion is long past, as in, the “powers that don’t be” are no longer influencing that imprisioned reality. You are now the only ones holding on to that reality and thus when you turn towards that release there will be no inteference but your own. You can dissolve these things instantly. The love and support abounds on the planet but you will not know until you do it. Just do it!