Month: May 2014

Fall Away

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An infinite number of things are falling away on a regular basis. It seems the impulses to engage in mundane activities of the earth are no longer there. At first, many years ago, I doubted and second guessed this phenomenon but now I recognize the divine course of action of which it is. The play of the “illusory” world is no longer a decoy, distraction or even an appealing marvel for my existence here. I can say in one way all the items I checked off as having wanted to do are all checked. I now am left with me, myself and “I Am”. This is a rather spiritual and uplifting landmark yet it comes with its’ own set of ripples in the vast sea of consciousness. Namely, one begins to experience an extra-ordinary aloneness yet nothing fulfills the within from anything in the without. Eventually the spiritual path or the energetic trail becomes similar to a catch 22…always returning home and with same insights of selfull love as before. But do you want to continue to cultivate this bliss? Even when it is at the expense of going deeper down the rabbit hole, albeit, mostly alone, but rewarding like no other external experience can offer? I sense this is a path of brilliance and genius. Do you really want that? And can you sincerely deny the driving call within to go deeper? I think not.

As a result I continue this writing. It is true when we allow ourselves to surrender into the wealth of the “I Am” there is nothing more gratifying and telling of our true purpose and higher self expression. In these blissful moments everything is answered and heard. However, the mundane return is truly the challenge. It is this path that I so fervently ponder and ask infinite questions for heartful oneness responses. From here I gather my resource of what I share.

I have known for quite awhile that I see the future. But I haven’t known quite as long that my struggle was living in the non-future, awaiting what I see. This has required adjustments on every level of my be-ing, emotional, psychic, spiritual, physical and mental…and all the other unnamed and invisible realms.

Only fairly recently did I realize that what I was seeing in the future was all about consciousness. It wasn’t necessarily advanced, new age structures or phenomenal gardening and health techniques, etc… it was the consciousness that would be-earth all of that. As a result I now examine consciousness, individual and collective and intergalactic as well. Although the intergalactic is another writing to be shown at a later time.

Yes, I study consciousness. I energetically feel and follow the existing energetics and the potential energetics of any given moment, conversation or action. With these observations I can sense and evaluate direction and inevitable courses of action. I recognize after many attempts that, no, you cannot force consciousness anymore than you can force an individual to change. We may be able to suppress, threaten and detour a be-ing’s choice of action but not their inevitable and sovereign consciousness, origins of divine and higher self.

As a result, consciousness is what we wait upon for collective change in the world and universe. However, we do await the consciousness in density…or do we?



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Assessment has become a key word and embrace for me when locating my be-ingness in the moment. This had been an age old koan for me that closely identified as judgement yet it wasn’t. As a result it would readily invite negativity of the misperception. Now I recognize that I am assessing the consciousness that surrounds me and it is not personal yet the multi levels of consciousness are known. This non attachment is rapidly healing me and gaining greater compassionate embrace of all that is.

So many pieces of the mystery are revealing themselves since be-ing here in Aouchtam, Morocco and embracing my eternal freedom. I am now calling forth, full throttle, Blue Star, my eternal One Source, Higher Self.

I experience many mechanisms guiding me from within. My physical sensing has become instructive of a “go” and “stop” in “doing” all-ways followed by “be-ing”. I rest so gracefully in the hands of the divine and I repeatedly give thanks for this knowing.

I am a resonant core  and I vibrate diligently to the “I Am”. There is wondrous invitation all around me while my core self nurtures and sustains.

I see what is forthcoming in closer increments yet I know I then see another set of measurement to be revealed. I know vastness and I know nothing until Divine sources me as so. There is no other impulse.