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Assessment has become a key word and embrace for me when locating my be-ingness in the moment. This had been an age old koan for me that closely identified as judgement yet it wasn’t. As a result it would readily invite negativity of the misperception. Now I recognize that I am assessing the consciousness that surrounds me and it is not personal yet the multi levels of consciousness are known. This non attachment is rapidly healing me and gaining greater compassionate embrace of all that is.

So many pieces of the mystery are revealing themselves since be-ing here in Aouchtam, Morocco and embracing my eternal freedom. I am now calling forth, full throttle, Blue Star, my eternal One Source, Higher Self.

I experience many mechanisms guiding me from within. My physical sensing has become instructive of a “go” and “stop” in “doing” all-ways followed by “be-ing”. I rest so gracefully in the hands of the divine and I repeatedly give thanks for this knowing.

I am a resonant core  and I vibrate diligently to the “I Am”. There is wondrous invitation all around me while my core self nurtures and sustains.

I see what is forthcoming in closer increments yet I know I then see another set of measurement to be revealed. I know vastness and I know nothing until Divine sources me as so. There is no other impulse.