Sound Quietude

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June 28th, 2014

Sound Quietude

After recently viewing the youtube “Destruction of the Papal Key” and experiencing the illusional reality of our precious Sun bee-ing manipulated I was informed of these inner truths. Simultaneously, I had been experiencing an intensifying of energies over the past few days whole soul searching for a kernel of truth of their essence and purpose. This was not necessarily a comfortable energy yet I wasn’t bee-ing able to come to peace with it.

This morning I was determined to sit until I experienceed a deep frequency of calm and quietude. This is when my inner truths revealed and reminded me of the programs that use “noise” as a deterrent and non-peaceful strategy of outer control. Upon this awareness I was able to recognize that my past few days were filled with “noise”. This “noise” was interfering with my deep inner calm. As all-ways, upon awareness, my calm started to emerge. Slowly but surely, my inner vision regained clarity and I was in communication with my multidimensional selves. This is when I turned my focus to the data from “Destruction of the Papal Key”. (

I praise and adore Atam Ra, our precious Sun, as an integral part of my bee-ingness. In fact, each day I greet Atam Ra as my lover and say thank you for bee-ing there to greet me. With the recent data download via youtube I viewed our Sun with inquiry and invitation to provide myself with more data about the circumstances and activity surrounding this glowing, fiery light. I revealed to myself that “noise” was, in fact, one of the instruments bee-ing used to manipulate the once benevolent intention of the keys. I was prompted to deepen my frequency of quietude to surround the situation with an absence of “noise”. The surrounding Galactic Family praised my “doing” and the “noisemakers” began to fall away from the Sun. Quietude dis-armed the program and enthused the benevolent intention of the Sun to full force. It then disengaged from the programmed scenario and started to move. Simultaneously, the Earth started to spin and move as well. Destination appeared to be the Center of The Unviverse.


2 thoughts on “Sound Quietude

    Kate Lucariello said:
    July 9, 2014 at 4:25 pm

    Fascinating! The word “noise” comes originally from Latin/Greek “nausea,” meaning seasickness. Not sure what to make of that!


      bluestardeerwomon responded:
      July 10, 2014 at 10:58 am

      Oh Sweet Kate, love what you add to my life….thanks for digging in with me…I feel in-couraged by your feedback, love, friendship, clarity and wisdom at the very top!!! Lovins, Blue Star


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