Brussels Belgium

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Arriving in Belgium , the first stop on this tour, and the invitation to “enthuse” the vibrations was awaiting us. It took some do-ing to relax and find the stillness in the new environment. Brussels was busy and active with “partying” and good cheer. It was everywhere. Although the atmosphere was filled with laughter and joy the denser energies revealed themselves instantaneously. Now the “call” was evident. I sat and embraced the quietude and started to enthuse my own inner bee-ing. It was challenging but soon I found my inner peace and was able to experience my vibrational nature lifting and sourcing me. I expressed my appreciation and gratitude as, once again, I was home. I reached for all my tools and started the process of jetting my light streams in all directions. Gaia was patiently awaiting my awareness and readiness to align with her. I delved within the earth beneath my feet, visualized my light threads connecting with Gaia and then slow and steady used my inner seeing to rise with Gaia’s field of love. Together we rose to the surface and spread our intricate fabric of light in all directions. Then we lifted above the surface embracing everything surrounding us, people, the buildings, trees, plants and went right to the sky and infinite universe. Aaaaah, I began to breathe more freely and my heart resonance rose with the wind as we engaged on the enthusing path within the quantum field, source, eternal essence. Then I envisioned the crystal rainbow bridge beginning with Aouchtam and streaming, arching right here to Belgium. Everything connected and filled with all the amazing energies from home to this home. The crystal that is quietly nesting in Aouchtam held the base of each end of the rainbow and spoke her truth of connectedness.

We are on this journey to enthuse the light that already exists. The high vibrational nature of our group, The One People, is what we bring to each and every moment. This is the call. Our mere presence and aware intention connects the resonant heart dots, coordinates of light. As we travel this awesome blue planet we enthuse every link of bee-ingness and offer the best of our highest potential. We allow source to flow through and uplift any and all that we bring our awareness to. Instantly, this way of see-ing, bee-ing reveals the upsurge of light and harmonisation of  heartful knowing. It becomes tangible.This is who we are. This is what we are do-ing.


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