Oslo Norway

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July 7th, 2014

Oslo Norway

We departed from Brussels…the coordinate of the crystal planted, grounding the next link of the crystal rainbow bridge to Norway…extended through a most peaceful quiet train ride to our destination for the next 2 nights.

In the quietude of Victoria’s home I experience lush greenery surrounding the house and my first experience of a light filled sky at mid-night. The light is different here. Yet, again I meet with a shadowiness throughout the sky. 

As I plant my energies beneath my feet Gaia comes zooming through to meet me. She seems to be in a delightful state these days. I readily surrender into her greeting and begin the crystal rainbow bridging. Through the silence and the invisible sounds I call out to the devas, plant and tree spirits. They are strong in presence. I ask them to dance and sing with me while expanding the inner sensations of a grand crystal. Enthuse, Enthuse, Enthuse…may all hearts resonate with the ringing tones and lively colors of the rainbow. 


This journey is connectedness from one experience of vibratory nature to the next. With our inner vision we set afire the dreams of all bee-ings now in motion, flow and growth. The harmonics are within. I resonate with you. I resonate oneness. This seeps into the entire planet and with gentleness and warmth together we feel the embrace. We are the gentle loving people and the path of “I Am” is one we have shared forever.


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