Portal Alignment

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July 8th, 2014

As we were waiting for the train to Stavanger, Norway, Whitney and I entered yet another conversation on iTech (Inner Technology).  

The conversation addressed the fact that all the knowledge, data, etc. is within our DNA…and it is within us “NOW”!  Therefore, we have an active “inner net” that is in full telepathic communication. This is a component of our iTech. So, we often ask, that more visible signs, symbols in density be made present to signify that indeed this iTech is active and fully engaged.

In the few moments of exchange before getting on the train I felt significant clarity and information within me. The first truth to come to the surface of my consciousness was the significance of portal rhythms and timing and then I wrote the words below. 

Portal Alignment

All data and knowledge is available to us. Experience the moments and observe the subtle energies that indicate portals are open. It is during these energetic invitations that the sacred knowledge is accessible.

During these energetic openings experience the electromagnetic pulses, allow your bee-ing to flow with the movement. During the course of motion begin the inner acknowledgement and requests for information and connectedness that you are identifying and seeking to be enthused. Know with a deep frequency of trust that all you are imagining and intending for your bio-organic body suit is indeed bee-ing activated. Navigate with clarity, pause if need be to further your clarity. Initiate when prompted from within on what consciousness direction is needed for acclimation of desired form. Go slowly, meticulously and gratefully as you navigate your inner journey. Be present to paths taken and changed. Seek necessary closures when redirecting the channel of energetic request. Be as meticulous with your beginnings, turns, swirls, spirals and multi-dimensional sacred geometry. Whenever in doubt return to heart resonance, always breathing, and re-enthuse your request for clarity and guidance. Pauses are an integrated and suggested practice. Breathing consciously throughout is necessary and the fuel that pumps the portal remaining open and vibrant. Experience the pulsation in your body as the sensations are the mechanism of communicating with the entire anatomy and energetic field. There will be elongated moments of silence and stillness this is inciting the integration process. This is important to allow and honor. The bodies require this. No asserting or efforting is in-couraged as it will disrupt the organic flow. Be as still as possible, allow and receive the grace of these moments. Be grateful. Breathe.

As body fatigues begin a closure. Important not to be disruptive when portal is indicating completion. Observe the prompt that your session is nearing termination, be thankful and gracefully relax and allow re-integration to the present energetics. Upon returning to present “reality” the body will re-adjust and re-align to what is. All systems will respond knowingly to necessary calibration. Simply relax, breathe and allow. This is an organic process and has a definitive and source navigation. Calibration is a given.

Portals open and close. Thus the experiences of heightened and new energetic experiences occur at any given moments. Often more than one portal at a time may open and present itself. It is not unusual to travel through many portals in one instance.

Be sensitive to what is presented as you consciously request certain activations. Trust that what is bee-ing presented is guiding you to the information you seek. Allow the inner journey to reveal itself. Ego thought, if it occurs, will terminate request almost instantly. At this point, body stops responding and one is catapulted back to “reality”. Can be shocking to system but always recoverable. Be kind and loving to yourself in these moments. Practice and cultivation will deepen further knowledge. Rest. Integrate. Breathe.



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