Dream Weaving

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July 10th, 2014

Dream Weaving

At first I experienced this unusual quietude in Norway. Then it occurred to me that something felt askew. The energetics readily revealed that I was experiencing “sleepiness”. That we were literally here as a “wake up call”.

When I started to examine the energetics my description would be that of bee-ing drugged or sedated. Then the overall picture presented itself and I could sense the collective consciousness asleep. Everything started to appear stilted and surreal. I even wondered if the sky was fake and sprinkling sleepy dust upon the country.

In the late evening light it totally took on the essence of a “dream” state and that’s when I received my clue and prompt to work with the “dream body”. You could sense many had gone to bed but even if people were awake I sensed they were asleep.

My position unveiled as dream body communicating with dream bodies. Just before this I was experiencing deep telepathic communication with 2 individuals I had worked closely with in this lifetime and still do but on the ethereal and invisible planes. When I observed my telepathic moments I could identify that the energies were similar to the dream state. Then I put these 2 “knowings” together and felt guided in my intentions and energetic direction.

I was in a stance of lucid dreaming. The ease of maneuvering was as light as the ease within a dream state. I knew I was able to join in the collective dream state and begin sharing messages.

The call was simple and I spoke in a gentle, soft voice “wake up Norway, wake up…everything is ok, we are in oneness, we are changing the world and softly repeated 3 times I love you, I love you, I love you followed by a whisper saying Mother, Mother, Mother”. I felt the family of souls unite and the message of oneness and love drop into each and every dream cell. Then ever so gently little glittery sparkles emerged from the collective of people and the energies started to clear. There was upliftment. I felt the consciousness open and ready and receiving.

I imagine similar scenarios of this nature are all over the planet. There are pockets of sleepiness and thankfully there are pockets of high consciousness. These pockets incite my “system busting” nature. I can sense limiting energies. It’s as if I can sniff them out wherever they may be. They come in all kinds of flavors. some are demonstrated in literal and verbally expressed beliefs, physical body language, forms, choices and so on. My very energetic signature goes into some kind of an alert signal then I listen for the cues. I am either guided to address directly or begin an energetic dismantling of the blockage. Sometimes I simply have to remove myself from the diminished environment and work from afar. Eventually, the air clears and the uplifttment occurs. I readily can feel the change and my comfort level changes as a result. I become the barometer of where the limitations lie as well as where the uplifted energies exist.

When I first started this energetic assessment it was difficult to differentiate my personal feelings from the collective. So if I experienced negativity I always self reflected upon it as mine. It took much practice to begin to distinguish where the energies were coming from. But over time and more evolving consciousness I started to recognize that this distinction was no longer a needed piece of knowledge. It was the recognition of the diminished energy and the ability to uplift that became important. It didn’t matter if it was mine or anyone’s. In fact, that is what I say when confronted by energies that feel out of balance “This energy is not mine nor does it belong to anyone”. Then I simply ask the quantum field, source, to please uplift the energies and enthuse comfort, ease and effortlessness. Or alongside this I may use the ho-oponopono practice. It no longer is necessary to dissect or process negativity. that only feeds it. I find turning my attention to what works is best. Although, I accept the importance of individual’s discussing a negative experience if the approach is truly to uncover the grain of truth for one’s self empowerment and release. But regurgitating negativity in a process scenario or repeating a negative story for storytelling sake I prefer not to be in the presence of.

All said and done I’m for enthusing our new future “NOW”!

Great Love and In Oneness,
Blue Star Deerwomon


2 thoughts on “Dream Weaving

    New Earth Paradigm said:
    July 12, 2014 at 7:50 am

    Dear Sister — happy you are “out and about” spreading your Love and Light. I’m happy to be “home” tending the heart. We meet in the Dreamtime to work and play. Much love to you, Alia

    On Fri, Jul 11, 2014 at 7:18 PM, blue star wrote:

    > bluestardeerwomon posted: “July 10th, 2014Dream WeavingAt first I > experienced this unusual quietude in Norway. Then it occurred to me that > something felt askew. The energetics readily revealed that I was > experiencing “sleepiness”. That we were literally here as a “wake up > call”.Whe”


      bluestardeerwomon responded:
      July 12, 2014 at 1:28 pm

      Alia, I count on you holding the coordinate for crystal rainbow bridge in Aouchtam!
      Most gratefull!
      The message you sent me regarding Haarp located in Northern Norway certainly added some clarity to this article. Hmmmm, could be the very energetic I have been seeking clarity about….that sleepy, sedated feeling. So Darius and I just did a powerful intention of “divine immunity”. We are unstoppable!


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