Norway On The Lighter Side

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July 12th, 2014

Norway On The Lighter Side

Last night I had the opportunity to share my energetic impressions of Norway on a lighter side of things. The most notable about this countryside is the cleanliness. It is clean in a shared consciousness way. People seem to have more relations with the earth as a family. The cooperative care is visible.

The homes and especially where we are at the present moment reflect much ergo dynamic attention. Placement of homes are in full utilization of space…the feng shui is spot on. Appliances and mechanisms seem more advanced than the states. Simple gadgets take on a whole new purpose. You can tell these items have been thought through with efficiency and simple application in mind.

Then we commented on the food and how incredibly fresh and good it was. It seemed everything was organic. We were informed there are no individualized organic stores. There’s no discrepancy bee-ing made. It was apparent that the food was so cared for it didn’t really require a separate environment of higher vibrational attention. Now that was a new perk to experience. Made the food of the states look more like crap than it is. Interesting!

I know Europe has been living more ecologically years, if not decades, before the states. You can feel the lineage of their choices. A community spirit is here and I can sense the unified care of the country.

On the other hand, the oppression and enslavement of the people is here as well. The “freedom” consciousness and “creative expression” consciousness is subdued like anywhere else. The boxes and patterns are prevalent and the conformity is obvious. Yet, here the people have a little more chutzpah and innovative forms. It seems to be working. And it also may be contributing to a deeper attachment to comfort…one of the many tools to sedate and keep an individual from looking out, looking within and tapping the greater divine potential.

I read somewhere, not long ago, that “comfort” is one of the many stumbling blocks for people not to rise up and take our power. I think there is much truth in this. Comfort  can endorse a false sense of security and willingness to settle with what is. It can be used as a “dumbing down” tool and prevents us from taking risks, exploring the unknown, shaking things up so-to-speak to gain new perspective.

Have you ever notice the burst of fresh air and energy that goes through you when you are traveling and everything is new and unfamiliar? And the freedom you experience when there is no set itinerary or ritual pattern calling to you? Every moment becomes precious and creative. I trust this is the “New Now“.


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