OPPT Trump Card

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July 12th, 2014

OPPT Trump Card

OPPT was the original kick-off for why I came to join this community of bee-ings and the ones who I am traveling with. When the UCC Filings happened (can study content here: I-UV.com) the focus was on Corporate Law and Foreclosing the entire enslavement and tyranny on our planet. This it has successfully done.

When these documents were presented there were defined ways, still are, (can refer to above site) of beginning to notify “the powers that were” that you were no longer going to participate in their games.

At first and for a long period of time I was not able to wrap my brain around the documents although they were written very plainly and followed corporate law protocol. On the extensive Radio Shows, The One People, Collective Imagination, beginning in winter of 2012, there were many questions and answers to how best implement these documents. I listened closely and applauded those who were really do-ing the call. I was able to get the gist of what was occurring but I was uncertain I could apply it without very close assistance.

Later on in the seasons the OPPT Documents became less of a focus and we delved more deeply into the “I Am”, One Eternal Essence of this content. Then the bridge between the two began to merge. I experienced more self empowerment in knowing I Am the asset, the value. And that I Am a divine bee-ing of Sovereignty. Through this self in-couragement I became empowered to walk away from anything in my life that was obstructing my true freedom or creative expression. I call this the “big walk away”. I knew deeply from within how genuine a farce life had been on the planet due to deliberate enslavement. Of course, I had poked my head against these infringements all my life as many of us. But this time, the power within myself, said there was a deeper and divine path of power. This time I knew there was another way that would no longer be prompted by fear or denial.

In the past years everything prepared me for these “now” moments. It was a heart call that started my “walkabout” to Morocco and The One People. I, like most, had “debt” – part of the “illusion” and I needed to clarify how I was going to confront this in knowing I was getting ready for the “big walk out”.

When I had entertained this option before the inevitable “fear” rose up in me. As a result I would find yet another creative solution within the confines of “prison” to gain yet another piece of feeling “freedom”. Yet, I always knew I wasn’t really free and that haunted me.

Slowly and meticulously I started to simplify my life, letting go of truly what I no longer needed, readying myself for the final “let go”. How do I unplug from this system? And ultimately, the final quest of what do I do with this ball and chain called a “mortgage”? The house just wouldn’t sell and I was ready to go. My freedom was of utmost importance so I decided to walk.

In the meantime, the usual scenario occurred with alleged mortgage company seeking their unrightfull dues. I let it slide knowing it wasn’t real or important to me anymore. Often, I did contemplate using the OPPT Docs to start informing these “powers that were” that this is truly over, no one has debt. But, again, I didn’t really feel confident of this choice even though I was fully engaged with the One People who could guide me. So I let that sit and every once in a while I would contemplate the option.

Well, here comes the “OPPT Trump Card”. Here I am on this journey with a house that did not want to sell.  And I have been observing this for a long time.So I invited a friend to occupy house with true confidence no one is going to touch it. Yet, I shared all the info so friend would know the situation. In the process of gratefully doing this for my friend I got inspired to reconsider the OPPT approach.

I opened up the site and started to re-review the documents and how would be best way to approach the 3 email contacts I received from the “alleged mortgage company”. Typically, the approach has been to send what is called a “Courtesy Notice”. This document basically informs the receiver of the UCC Filings and that, indeed, there has been a successful foreclosure of the enslavement system. Yes, for those of you who aren’t informed this is for real but you have to do the homework and know for yourself (refer to site above). More importantly you approach these bee-ings as also divine and the courtesy is that you are taking the time to inform them of what is really happening. In most instances these people are just like you and I, on the ground floor and believing they have debt. No one has debt.

“the powers that were” are not going to give you this information. They are hanging on, if at all, by a thread. It will only be, by the people and through the people, that this information is now going viral. If an entire planet has been enslaved through media control, corporate agendas, poisoned food, genocide, etc., etc., why would any of us think we’ll get informed through this “illusionary” system? Not!

So the courtesy notice is to lovingly inform our brothers and sisters on the ground floor that the corporations they are working for have no assets due to foreclosure of that system. Thus, the people coming to us to claim “debt” become personally liable to interaction with you as a result of returning to “Common Law”. That’s it in a nutshell. And I don’t proclaim to be extremely articulate about the details but I have enough information to go forward knowingly.

Yesterday, I decided I was going to send a courtesy notice and in the process decided I was going to write my own. Once I heartfully understood I was sharing knowledge to help raise consciousness it all became clear to me. Along with my simple intro I copied and pasted the “Foreclosure Flyer” with suggested further research at http://www.I-UV.com.

I have no expectations from this endeavor. My freedom is too deer to me at this time. But I did want to inform with hopes that others may rise to their power and stop supporting a diminished system. I’m already living the “big walk out”. There is no lost here just celebration.

Now for the “OPPT Trump Card”. This is a fun part. After I sent the above email I returned home to rest and sit with what I had just accomplished. I readily observed the synchronicity of choosing to do this at a time that we are traveling to share knowledge, love and beauty just by our “bee-ing.”

As you know my writings have been addressing the energetics of these travels. This is where I noted the timing of all these portals we are experiencing and the supportive energies that have been enthused . I viewed how sending this info out at this time was so divinely orchestrated.

A trump card is when you pull out of your pocket, in perfect timing, a dynamic and power packed resolution. It’s an expression when playing cards, kind of like a wild card that you play just when you need the spice to make a dynamic placement of energy. Well, it occurred to me that due to this empowered journey, this walkabout of my divine bee-ing having an earthly experience, that it was a most exquisite timing to set this is motion.  The “OPPT Trump Card” is the energetic swirl I am traveling as, with the One People, for the One People. I embrace this energetic “OPPT Trump Card” and I enthuse the delivery of the message to more brothers and sisters to “wake up” get knowing and be empowered as the “I Am” that “We Are”. We truly are free, there is no debt and together we do make a difference. We change our world.

I love each and every one of you brilliantly. Reclaim your dreams and know we are not alone. Freedom is our bee-earth rite. We are divine bee-ings.

Below I copied and pasted the exact email that I sent removing recipients names for privacy and respect. It’s a good jump start if you are inspired to delve more deeply into the data. When you read it please take a moment to breathe, find quietude and send freedom and love to everyone on the planet.

We Are One
Blue Star Deerwomon


Hello Deer Ones!

This is in response to the (<the alleged ____ Mortgage Company>) and each of you who contacted me; (<recipient>), (<recipient>),(<recipient>)


I am enclosing the following information as a courtesy. I wish that you take the time to read and do more research as you are interested. If there is any way that I can assist you in understanding the significance of these documents please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am presently traveling with this group of people and we are sharing this knowledge around the world.


All People Declared Free of Debt (Refer Notice of Declaration of Absolute Truth UCC# 2013032035)

The final filing of the OPPT occurred on March 18, 2013. This document terminated all remaining man-made entities and returned all people of this planet to absolute freedom. In this document the creator is referred to as “absolute essence” and all creations people are referred to as “absolute essence embodied”.

Article VI states…”I duly verify, with full responsibility and liability, by DECLARATION OF ORDER, that eternal essence IS made transparent and known by the DO’ing of any and all embodiment of eternal essence in eternal essence’s universe, IS free and free of debt, unrebutted.”

This means THERE IS NO DEBT.

You have no debt… No one has debt… it is done.


Please read further…



The One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) announced the foreclosure of the world’s banks and “governments” on December 25th 2012 stemming from prior investigation into massive fraud across the entire system: http:// www.scribd.com/doc/118067922/PARADIGM-DOCUMENT-FROM-THE-TREASURY-FINANCE-AG- INDUSTRIESTRASSE-21-CH-6055ALPNACH-DORF-SWITZERLAND.

What happened?

The OPPT posed to the world’s Banks and Governments:

  1. that they had by deceptive acts and practices been stealing from the people for hundreds of years, and;
  2. nothing stood between the Creator and each of the Creator’s creations,

and gave due opportunity to rebut both statements. They could not and did not. To understand this fully please read the Declaration of Facts at http://www.peoplestrust1776.org > UCC Filings > 2012 ptII > Declaration of Facts. Here are two excerpts:

Government Charters Cancelled: (Refer: DECLARATION OF FACTS: UCC Doc # 2012127914 Nov 28 2012) “…That any and all CHARTERS, inclusive of The United States Federal Government, UNITED STATES, “STATE

of …”, Inclusive of any and all abbreviations, idem sonans, or other legal, financial or managerial forms, any and all international equivalents, inclusive of any and all OFFICES, inclusive of any and all OFFICERS, PUBLIC SERVANTS, EXECUTIVE ORDERS, TREATIES, CONSTITUTIONS, MEMBERSHIP, ACTS, and any and all other contracts and agreements made thereunder and thereby, are now, void, worthless, or otherwise cancelled, unrebutted; ...”

Bank Charters Cancelled: (Refer: TRUE BILL: WA DC UCC Doc# 2012114776 Oct 24 2012) “Declared and ordered irrevocably cancelled; any and all charters for Bank of International Settlements (BIS)

members thereto and thereof including all beneficiaries, including all certain states of body owning, operating, aiding and abetting private money systems, issuing, collection, legal enforcement systems, operating SLAVERY SYSTEMS …commandeering lawful value by unlawful representation…”

Orders to Cease and Desist:

Attention is drawn to DECLARATION AND ORDER: UCC Doc # 2012096074, Sept. 09 2012, duly reconfirmed and ratified by COMMERCIAL BILL UCC Doc. No. 2012114586 and TRUE BILL UCC Doc. No.2012 114776 which states:

Volunteers within the military … “to arrest and take into custody any and all certain states of body, their agents, officers, and other actors, regardless of domicil by choice, owning, operating, aiding and abetting private money systems, issuing, collection, legal enforcement systems, operating SLAVERY SYSTEMS against the several states citizens, …”, and “Repossess all private money systems, tracking, transferring, issuing, collection, legal enforcement systems operating SLAVERY SYSTEMS…”

“…all beings of the creator shall forthwith assist all Public Servants identified herein, to implement, protect, preserve and complete this ORDER by all means of the creator and created as stated herein, by, with, and under your full personal liability…”

Search document numbers listed at the Washington DC UCC Registry: https://gov.propertyinfo.com/DC-Washington/ What does this mean to you?

Are you paying a “debt” to a foreclosed entity..? e.g. mortgage, credit card, car loan?

OPPT has foreclosed on hierarchy. No one stands between you and your creator… not even “Government”.

Because a CEASE AND DESIST order exists, you are free to offer terms and conditions to individuals acting on behalf of a foreclosed Bank or “Government”, by issuing a Courtesy Notice.

What does this mean to Banks & “Governments”?

All beings now act in the capacity of individual entities without a corporate safety net and with full personal liability for each and EVERY ACTION THEY TAKE under common law, protected and preserved by public policy UCC 1-103, and Universal law, the governing law laid out in the OPPT UCC filings. (Refer: WA DC UCC Ref Doc # 2012113593)

Should any individual pursue any actions on behalf of a foreclosed Bank or “Government”, causing another individual any damage as herein described, they in their individual and unlimited capacity are absolutely liable.

What is the UCC – Where and to whom does it apply?

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is the ‘bible’ of commerce and used world wide, but sometimes in disguise. UCC is not taught in law schools; it is used in high level banking and government corporations. Accordingly most lawyers, attorneys and magistrates know nothing about UCC and will argue it has no application.

  1. Executive Order 13037 dated 04 Mar 1997 defined humans as capital. See: http:// americankabuki.blogspot.com.au/2013/03/us-citizens-defined-as-property-of.html
  2. UCC Doc # 0000000181425776 filed 12 Aug 2011 evidences sale of US citizens in transaction between The Federal Reserve System and The United States Department of the Treasury 1789 for $14.3 trillion. (Linked above)
  3. UCC Doc #2001059388 evidences the template the Federal Reserve Bank of New York uses to secure the collateral in major banks around the world… including chattel paper, goods and the unborn young of animals. See http://www.mediafire.com/view/?3yh79cjnzcwzu0s

Those who would regard the UCC as irrelevant outside the US are thereby claiming former funding arrangements with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York null and void.

Due Diligence

Given the usage of UCC filings in the upper levels of “government” and banks worldwide, due diligence is a necessity.

If there is a dispute, error, or falsity make AND deliver a duly verified sworn DECLARATION OF REBUTTAL to the duly verified, sworn and REGISTERED OPPT DECLARATION OF FACTS, point by point, with specificity and particularity, with full responsibility and liability, under the penalty of perjury under any law you identify, that the forgoing is true and accurate, signed by your wet-ink signature.

To date, no such rebuttal has been registered.

All People Declared Free of Debt (Refer Notice of Declaration of Absolute Truth UCC# 2013032035)

The final filing of the OPPT occurred on March 18, 2013. This document terminated all remaining man-made entities and returned all people of this planet to absolute freedom. In this document the creator is referred to as “absolute essence” and all creations people are referred to as “absolute essence embodied”.

Article VI states…”I duly verify, with full responsibility and liability, by DECLARATION OF ORDER, that eternal essence IS made transparent and known by the DO’ing of any and all embodiment of eternal essence in eternal essence’s universe, IS free and free of debt, unrebutted.”

This means THERE IS NO DEBT.

You have no debt… No one has debt… it is done.


Further Research




2 thoughts on “OPPT Trump Card

    New Earth Heartbeat said:
    July 12, 2014 at 2:55 pm

    Good Job! Your timing is impeccable! I have no idea why, but I it is. You are on a roll, My Sister! with all Love, in Freedom! tomas


    New Earth Paradigm said:
    July 12, 2014 at 4:23 pm

    Wonderful Blue Star! Brava!!! Thanks for doing this beautiful work up. Thanks for the OPPT Trump card. My little unicorn brought one for me too on her last trip accross the Rainbow Bridge between where you are and where I AM. Blessings, alia


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