Allure No More

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July 14th, 2014

Allure No More 

When the “allure” of the outer world dissolves the “I Am” presence awaits our attention. Filling our minds with spiritual teachings, philosophies and dogmatic beliefs no longer serves our highest purpose. These instruments are merely here as “pointers”, a suggested inner direction to bring our higher intentions to fruition. The “knowing” from within is where our true sovereignty exists. As this occurs the prompt to share concepts and “esoteric speak” dissolves.  

Perhaps, we are heading for a silent truce or a collective “listen in”. I hold we enthuse the “Inner-Net” and hone our telepathic skills to finalize the collective entry way to our New Earth. It would serve us well if a permeating silence swept the planet. Energies seem to settle in a space of “quietude” and we are more apt to go to the “inner-net chat room” and continue our dialogues. There the portal of our imagination beckons us to jump…and why not?!

For fun, I suppose my writings are like an “inner-net poke”! I write and share with you energetically and it is all from my quiet, inner sanctum that I share what I know. Do you feel me? Would you be interested in enthusing an “inner-net” connection? The truth is we are already collectively communicating. But consciously take our power in this divine arena and hmmmmm, we create a social and divine network that is free, our own and running on the light molecules that we are all made from. This is truth for me. I wish that others join me.

There are no leaders at this point in our evolution. You are guiding you. However, we will continue to resonate with others and desire the strength and courage we witness through their impeccable word, action and deed. It is not a program that we take up and study. It is a reflection that our higher self wants to express through the present “soul suit” or “earthly skin”.

The question in these times is how do we assist one another in arriving at this accelerated planetary momentum of rising consciousness? We no longer choose brainwashing or bullying or dynamics of fear to steer the people in this or that direction. We no longer enforce the “J…O…B…S ” that distract us from our spiritual call. We deeply question authority. We know we love each other and care about the collective race. And deep within there is a knowing that our world is so much more dynamic and compassionate than the “illusionary reality” we have been offered. So how may we serve this greater purpose of our divine selves, our “I Am”?

Each and every individual is playing their perfect part in this not so impressive hollywood movie. Our standards are far above the “F” rated media we have been forcefully spoon fed. Yet, it is each one of us that changes the world.

For too long we have underestimated our true power as the people. We’ve made many attempts to challenge the “powers that were” and walked away disappointed. However, the planetary energies have come forth with a powerful energetic that undeniably is supporting our freedom. You can witness this all over the planet. We,The People are rising up as an unstoppable and unified force. Halelujah!

At this point on my spiritual journey as a humon I agree with the understandings that no one is coming to rescue us. Yet, I do know whole heartedly that we are amongst our Star Brothers and Sisters assisting us. And we are these Star Bee-ings we have waited for. And we are unifying with our Galactic Family towards an infinite and universal heart coherence. I trust there is genuinely a significant “wake up call” that is inevitably touching every bee-ing on this planet…and the universe.

My invitation, as all-ways, is “jump”!


2 thoughts on “Allure No More

    New Earth Heartbeat said:
    July 14, 2014 at 3:08 pm

    As we find our way deeper into the inner sanctum our intention grows in force exponentially. May we all intend our innermost desire: to know our Self. Love and Oneness are the fruits when we taste our Inner Effulgence. Thank you for your exquisite expression of Essence!

    with all love


    New Earth Paradigm said:
    July 15, 2014 at 5:35 am

    Thank you Deer Womon — I cannot thank you enough for pointing me (us) toward the “Oneness” material through Rasha. Your post describes what Tomas and I are experiencing. I guess you could say “we have jumped.” All blessings and love, Alia

    On Mon, Jul 14, 2014 at 12:21 PM, blue star wrote:

    > bluestardeerwomon posted: “July 14th, 2014Allure No More When the > “allure” of the outer world dissolves the “I Am” presence awaits our > attention. Filling our minds with spiritual teachings, philosophies and > dogmatic beliefs no longer serves our highest purpose. These instruments > ar”


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