Awakening Return

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August 19th, 2014

Awakening Return

Clearly the energetics awaited me in Aouchtam, Morocco after returning from a 6-7 week One Network Tour through Europe. There’s an undefined energetic vortex that conceals codes to be revealed in perfect divine timing. I trust this is a circumstance that exists over the entire blue planet.

However, this distinct “on hold” feeling seems to be getting more pronounced and seductive through a “pulsation”. A “nearing of the door” seems to be an energetic proposal to then engage in entry as it is presented. In a way, there is an inviting force that suggests 24/7 awareness to be in ready formation for the forward moving impulse. Simply stated, stay awake, bee awake, move and breathe in wakefulness. Sleep is only for the dreamtime rejuvenation. Sleepiness in a wakeful day no longer provides an easy out. It actually hurts to be in ignorance. It presents itself via confusion, fatigue and extreme density within the body.

Due to the extreme body awareness occurring at this time that it has many demands to adapt to external forces it is in our best interests to remain restful, well nourished and awake from within our inner technology (iTech). The physical entity has been exposed to these external forces all along. The only difference is now we are becoming sensitive enough to identify and thus transmute consciously. So although it may be overwhelming to consider it is truly nothing new nor do we lack the necessary antecdotes. The only difference is it has been brought forth in our daily consciousness. Thus only the mind can create overwhelm. The preferred choice is to examine from the “I Am” stance and enthuse the inner will and iTech in joining and transmuting the energetic substance bee-ing presented. Everything is energy. Our empowered self simply applies illumined and intelligent activity via the heart resonance and co-creates the reality of our collective dreams and visions. This happens in an instance, no space-time relevance. Immediate intentional thought defies time-space, neutralizes gravity thus access to iTech. It happens in a moment, the only moment each of us experiences…Now!


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