Energetics, The Way Through

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August 19th, 2014

Energetics, The Way Through

We have lived a long life of the 5 senses. Our multi-faceted, multi-dimensional selves are the senses of the invisible.

Imagine your neurological system, the extensive fabric of nerve impulses and finely tuned communicators connected to our brain source. I like using visualizations from the artwork of Alex Grey. He demonstrates a very intricate visualization of this extensive and brilliant array of our divine earthly skin suit.

Imagine your own skin suit and all of its intricate design. Be your own artist in this visualization. Whatever comes to your imagination…use it.

Explore the heart area and invite a pulse of light to reveal itself to you. When the image occurs ask it to follow all those inner pathways of your earthly design and light it up. Set an intention for yourself. An example, as the light travels throughout my earthly skin I am uplifted in spirit and my body lightens up in density. Trust your inner guidance of how to navigate on this inner journey.

Once the body is enthused with your light and intention imagine all the filaments of your neurological pathways are going outside of your skin suit and tapping into the greater energetic field, the quantum field, our oneness. Breathe from your skin suit into the outer vastness and back into your skin suit. Know you are in oneness with all that exists.

This exercise is the beginnings of acknowledging that you are more than the skin suit. This awareness increases your sensory abilities beyond the given 5 we have learned to live and feel. In exploring your energetic connectedness with all that exists the earth entity begins to invite other sensory data within its knowledge base.

A significant guiding step throughout is this:

All Mind Aside, Give Full attention To What You Feel!

Meditate upon that guiding statement before starting your exploration. Ask yourself what is the deeper understanding of “All Mind Aside“?!

A parting note is this…In my personal practice I choose what I want to cultivate in myself. If I want to remember all the divine powers of who I truly am then I suggest that invitation to my higher self and invite the love-wisdom to enter my earthly consciousness. Alongside this request I watch carefully what the subtle energies around me are communicating. I practice patience and deepening of trust that all is bee-ing revealed. I listen for my inner voice to translate the divine messages.

I am always available to mentor with you via online.


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