iTech, Just The Beginnings

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August 19th, 2014

iTech, Just The Beginnings

In these times as we become more aware of our sensitivities it may appear that the energetics are overwhelming. The energetics are divinely in order. Trust that. The “mind” and old paradigm programming is the only obstacle to one’s peace, stillness and illumined activity.

In the past we were were led to believe that a whole bunch of protocol was necessary to change our reality. Thankfully that no longer pervades our consciousness. It’s a mere conscious thought that ignites the energetic of your vision or present thought into form. Be watchful of what you think…seriously. These moments of Now command that our words, deeds, thoughts, actions bee impeccable.

iTech begins with your own self awareness and ends there as well. There is no external force that will gift you your own divine intelligence because it is already a given. Everything on this quest will direct you back to you over and over again until you are standing in your own sovereign power. There are no other portals or external relief systems. The task at hand is You. And, yes, that now brings up the subject of “Responsibility”.

Responsibility was discouraged way back in linear time as part of the old paradigm programming. And we not only got use to it we settled into the limited comfort of external affairs taking care of our internal affairs. This was a critical turning point in giving away our power. Eventually, we even started to think we were empowered, albeit, by the external accumulation of symbols representing “power” or “value”..not in any way real power but false power of an enthused external identity. Thus, life continued in an external world of an enthused identity always striving for more.

Throughout this manipulated and well planned earthly experiment something always gnawed from within, reaching for some fulfillment that would be everlasting. A result, much growth of greed and desire for power. Once again, all part of the plan. But the plan, the experiment is over yet we still yearn. Question is “For What?”.

Eons of recorded life experiences will reveal the many spiritual journeys and experiences that have directed one to seek from within. The messages have been consistent. There, from within, you will find the peace that you have been searching for for eons. And so the story goes…

Along with these spiritual pointers a long scenario of disillusionment and despair follows. Why? Because we were limited in observing the rewards of our inner stillness. We looked for the old paradigm forms to appear after hours of prayerful searching. We looked for cars, houses and next month’s rent. Yet, small gifts did appear, some noticed, some not noticed. What we didn’t turn our attention to was the “energetics”, our sensory transformations, inner knowings and intuitive truths. We may have for moments but in the end we surely didn’t trust that inner voice quite enough to stay on task.

The “inner voice” has been crying out to each and every one of us since the infinite beginnings of existence. Now the “inner voice” is demanding our attention. There is no where to turn as this planetary illusion crumbles before our very eyes. There are no saviors or suggested government salvation solutions that will assist us in these times. At least, not from the external world of illusion. Nothing is going to assist from the outside. Are you ready to go within?!

It is time to recognize the value of the invisible, the infinite in the small and the grandness of you as a spiritual bee-ing having an earthly experience. I know these words and messages are not new and no one including myself can provide the answers. This is a solo journey of inner truth yet a collective journey of “oneness”. Yes, the mystery of all times continues to be present. Yes, the journey is from within with no clues but the ones you hear and trust. None of these messages of today or of the past are new. The question is “are you ready?!” Are you ready to take full responsibility for yourself?! Can you commit to the space and time to cultivate your inner voice and be nurtured and sustained by your inner divine bee-ing, your “I Am” presence?!

iTech, the basics, begin with exploration of your “inner voice”. Breathing with awareness of your heart area is a potent pointer. Listen when you hear from within, get familiar with what you know, sense and feel. I suggest that you sit with your knowings and deepen your frequency of trust. Be very discerning about sharing your truths in the external world. The external world does not reflect who we truly are…not yet. So I think it wise to consider from within what you choose to share. Note when your desire to share is still egoic in presentation. In other words, are you sharing your knowings to get validation or applaud for your brilliant vision?! Be watchful and protective of this inner sanctum of self love. Trust that your bee-ingness will radiate the truths that you are. Surely I could go on and on but in truth this is such a unique exploration for each one of us. Only you can know you and as a result you design the inner questions and you design the inner answers. Simply trust this divine intervention and power.

My parting message for this writing is “Deepen your frequency of inner trust”! Pay particular attention to the word “frequency”.

I am always available to mentor with you via online.


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