Thin Gold Fiber Threads

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August 19th, 2014

Thin Gold Fiber Threads

Imagine you are an infinite multitude of Thin Gold Fiber Threads. Gold is shiny and has an alchemical quality that transmutes molecular matter. There is a simultaneous existence in which we actually ingest gold and it stimulates divine consciousness. Gold acts as a conduit and electromagnetic surge of energetic matter. The ingestion of gold ignites neural impulses to the brain and then enthuse the impulses that awaken the brilliance that lies dormant there. Each of us has the seed of genius within.

Direct the gold to this seed to release your brilliance.

As I wrote the above I had a simultaneous voice saying readers will ask how do you know this, scientists will question my unresearched and unproven data, the mainstream will say aaah hum bug.

I didn’t expect to go in this direction but I do have information to share about this probable response.

As divine self meets science, religion, philosophy, government there will be an undeniable respect and reverence for our collective knowing. As a bee-ing of light shares what they know the knee jerk reaction will not be to disclaim their truth but to examine if that truth resonates from within them. I trust this is some of the beginnings of how we will reclaim and celebrate our unique diversity.

In this day and age the knee jerk reaction is usually based upon the egoic identity that holds beliefs that, albeit, were programmed, to negate what cannot be proven. As a result we set a pattern for negating our divine selves, the invisible, that which cannot be proven.

Today we are bee-ing asked to embrace that which we cannot see, explain or prove but that which we know from within is true.

In order to allow the wealth of our brilliance, genius and divine “I Am” presence to exist we are bee-ing asked to listen as we share our inner truths and knowing. When we listen it is not personal. It is simply an experience. What I have always shared with individuals I have mentored is that if I offer a resonant message that resonates with you then it is your truth, not mine. If what I share does not resonate with you then discard it, it is not yours. I have no personal attachment to either choice. However, I in-courage us to listen and discern for ourselves what is true and what is not true for your very own self. Thus, we set a simple platform for allowing diversity to emerge. And we create a safe, nonjudgmental space for us to express freely.

As we become more secure in our iTech we will no longer experience bee-ing threatened by what anyone says when it does not align with our held beliefs. We will confidently and compassionately listen and have the unique experience without any need to judge or separate. It will simply be an experience.

As we return to how I started this writing I share what I know from my own inner truth. What I write I know. What you receive from it is what you know. There is no need to judge or put it into any kind of category. It just is.

And in regards to the divine meeting the likes of religion, science, government, etc. I trust it will be from the integrity of our “nowness” that in each and every instance the divine and illumined knowledge and love-wisdom will be present as called upon. There will not be a need for a pre-ordained or pre-designed structure as the presence of our sovereign selves, our responsible selves will know each and every moment what resonates with divine law and what doesn’t. We will have reclaimed knowing that the phrase “In God We Trust” has always meant “In Our Divine Self We Trust”. And so it is.


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