Dimensional Corridors

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August 21st, 2014

Dimensional Corridors

As I explore my inner and outer dimensional corridors I hear the tones and music of family, Oneness. In these moments there is a spaciousness around me that supports the viewing of a world of illusion. Everything is flowing as a result of our own consciousness as a species. We are observing that there truly is an awakening happening across the planet and for those seeing more deeply an awakening within the universal infinite existence of All.

The patterns of usual questioning is dying a slow death. The genetic mind has hit the boundaries of useful knowledge. Energetic callings are asking each and every one of us to explore the unexplored…go deeper.

In this new context it is fully acknowledged that the world of illusion is a mask and game of pointers merely to provide wake up calls to our divine bee-ingness. It has been a well intentioned plan to arrive in the very places we find ourselves now. The layers we have shed cannot be replaced. We are exposed and naked in the face of our own divine selves. Vulnerability, not knowing, uncertainty now calls to us to become friends. As we cultivate this “nowness” of self we open the portals to a universal embrace. There is a clean slate bee-ing provided and new eyes to see one another and every living and nonliving matter of existence. All is our relations…All. There is no separation. So as we ask ourselves “who am I?” we ask this of everything in existence. The learning curve is now spiritual inquiry in every sense and dimensional plane of the word. Denial, avoidance, resistance bites the dust. And it bites the very dust we are created from. Expand the mind and know time-space as an ally and a choice.

There’s a new wave of confidence, trust and integrity tapping at our skins. The knowing we have that the world can be better and is, in fact, better the moment we trust what we are hearing. Only the individuated souls of our unified family can thrust this knowing into the skin of the reality we share as Oneness.

There is an abundance of truths and revelations that are personal and that are all of ours. We are as diverse as we are One. The genetic mind doesn’t need to understand this. The divine bee-ing who you are has the unlimited capacity to get this…always has. There is a spark of this authenticity within each and every one of us. You knew it as you came into this world. You played with it as a child. You dream about it every night. You observe it in the children of today.

Multi-dimensionality is becoming a household word. Discussions will be endless as the beauty of this existence joins our vocabulary. All will know what we need to know in an instant. All data and knowledge that we have created over the eons will be available like a public library. Education, Government,  Philosophy, Religion and Science will emerge as a pristine art of divine illumination. All will be connected by the very truths we are created from. There will be no interference.

Why do I say “..will be..?” Because this is a family affair. Yes, all of this is here right now but we are traveling as a species. This is a collective consciousness movement where you don’t lose your individuality but you are empowered as an individual through the connectedness of all. The genetic mind cannot embrace this concept. One is asked to go within, experience your divine illumined mind and trust what you know. Together we truly know what this is all about. We came here to remember and we came here as a unified force, a family, a species…Oneness.

Be in-couraged. find your grace and confidence in self. See freedom as always present. Watch the subtle changes, the miracles, gifts and ah ha moments. Notice the lights flicker, the sparkles on a snowflake, the glint of joy in someone’s eyes, the insect visitor on your lap and the loyal animal who just showed up in your yard. These telling signs are abundant. Take notice and appreciate!!!

Invite the messages to yourself that are nurturing and love the thoughts to death that disturb you. One mere flick of change of thought makes it so. No need for the genetic mind to dissect or understand the chemistry of this perception. Watch and trust your own experiences. No need to turn it into a 3D religion or practice. Just experience the nowness of it, say thank you and go on.

These words are not for pumping up the ego with a new program to impose upon yourself. I prefer to use the word “cultivate”, an active choice of free will, to nurture yourself.

“Now” is a moment by moment, breath by breath existence. There is no plan… simply right now. Are you aware of the very breath you just took while reading these last words?! This option is offered to you over and over again as you breathe over and over again. Join that with the awareness of your heart area and allow yourself to “bee”.

Ask all your questions from within and hear all your answers from within. Deepen your frequency of trust. After inner council with self we find our collective council together. This is a “species thang”…lol!

Take it and run with it. I am right beside you!

So Much Love

Blue Star Deerwomon


2 thoughts on “Dimensional Corridors

    New Earth Heartbeat said:
    August 23, 2014 at 6:50 am

    AHHHHHHHHH! Very soothing words, Wise Womon! I am with you HERE! with love, t.


    New Earth Paradigm said:
    August 23, 2014 at 9:34 am

    Yes — on the mark, Blue Star. It is all coming from within each one of us now. The unifying process is flowing collectively but not from the outside, so we often miss the evidence or do not recognize the inner presentation AS evidence. So happy to hear you are getting the “family” and that it is Oneness. I’m getting the Oneness piece but it doesn’t feel like “family” yet. (lol) As you say — it’s a species thang. I get it. Much love, so good to have you back, Alia


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