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De-Programming “Energy Signature”

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De-Programming “Energy Signature”

Embrace this symbol in our collective consciousness to represent the RELEASE 0F ALL PROGRAMMING that has existed on this planet for eons that no longer serves our greater goodness, connectedness to each other and the spiritual beings that we are in unified harmony and love for all.

Consider the “Energy Signature” alive, vibrant and an active frequency, a portal….invite it to enthuse your inner self empowerment.

So Much Love, Blue Star DeerwomonDe-Programming


Abundance In Many Moments and Realms

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November 10th, 2014

Abundance In Many Moments and Realms

I asked and I have received all the while knowing to pay very close attention to what I ask for, pay close attention to my thoughts, feelings and silent words. The world has expanded due to my asking because I ask from all realms for the divine knowledge and data available in the Quantum Field and One Source.

There is no doubt in my be-ing that when one asks one does receive. Yet it is not unusual to resist the answers when given. This discernment of inner truth has been a trial and error throughout my life. It is not something you ever learn from the outer, material world. It is genuinely an inner voice that one cultivates and simply knows as truth…one day.

When this day occurs it is an opening to continue to nurture and cultivate the path to inner love wisdom. There is not a be-ing on this planet that can give you this truth. It is yours for the asking and receiving. I have chosen to receive.

All my stay upon this planet has been perplexing. I gathered data from here and there and eventually started my inquiries into the other realms. It’s been a piecing together to paint the picture that I was so challenged to paint from within. The picture hasn’t been pretty for the most part but since deepening my inner trust the picture has developed into beauty and love. This beauty and love has helped me to accept some of the truths I didn’t want to know. Now it is time to face the music. Now it is time to bring order to this world we so passionately love and believe in.

Many of us on our path of love have a sense of what we name a “mission”. There’s a force within that drives us to keep learning, investigating and ultimately making some sense of a world that doesn’t seem to reflect us…because it doesn’t.

If and when there are moments of our world reflecting us it is when we witness kindness, compassion and unity consciousness within our earthly family. But the horrors and atrocities we are witnessing absolutely daunt our loving senses. We don’t understand why and how the world can be this way when so many of us are kind, compassionate and loving towards each other. Aren’t we a large enough and unified world enough to have this love and beauty reflected in our world and everywhere around us?! Of course we are and so we dig deeper or we give up.

If you are one who digs deeper you’ll resonate with the following message. If you are one who has given up your resistance will reveal itself at some key point in this reading. My only hope is that you examine exactly what it is that you don’t want to read.

OK, with that be-ing said I have a heart-full of hope to share and a whole lot of data that is ringing far more true than I really want to embrace.

My spiritual journey was a given from be-earth on but I ventured into the world and sought my place in it just like anyone else. I met with the challenges and the disappointments and despair of a system that right from the get-go felt enslaving. I raised my political and activist head and joined the forces of “change” and experienced the “not-going-anywhere” over and over again until I wore out. The experience turned my heart back to my spiritual journey. I started to find peace in my heart and hope for a greater turn of events in the world.

Then I re-entered the world and made another attempt to find my place within it via spiritual environments and people and groups seemingly voicing a similar desire. It didn’t take long to see the same limitations and enslavement occur even within what I thought was untouchable. I returned to my practice to go more deeply into understanding who the F— was I and why Am I here?! Yes, I was angry and I wanted answers but softening my heart was the lure. I dropped within and then my voice started getting more clear and the inner prompts were keeping me connected to the outer, material world. I asked why? My guidance was follow the “energetic trail” and I did and I still Am.

I admittedly had given up on “politics” and examining “the powers that were” a long time ago deciding I could live my life without that nonsense and maybe even transcend the B.S. I, like many, especially artists and healers decided to carve out a life that I could co-exist with and live simply enough so I could have “some sense of freedom”. But “some sense of freedom” was never good enough for me. I would craft the most perfect survival scenarios and re-routing around the systems that many friends even desired for themselves. And then, POOF, in a moment I would leave and venture off to somewhere else because it still wasn’t enough freedom. I wanted the full out brilliance of Freedom!!! I wanted everything. Interestingly enough as I went deeper into my self via spiritual practice I was empowered even more so in knowing I deserved more than what I was getting. What the F— is going on here?!

A long story that never gets shorter is where I Am in my present day existence. As you can imagine there are many facets to how I arrived at where I Am but I want to get to the point.

I have been the 1st to share with anyone that giving attention to the world chaos is giving your energy and power away “unless” and this is a big “unless” you are balanced and in embrace of your inner peace-truth-heart enough so that you are no longer “re-acting” to the world chaos but genuinely observing and connecting the dots.

I witness a lot of “dot-connecting” with the group I Am with in Morocco. Admittedly, I Am not excelled in data examination, journalistic research, legal vs lawful and the plan for one world order. However, I’m witnessing this process, watching stones getting overturned and my inner voice is beginning to resonate with the truths be-ing revealed. This is not my usual position and I Am sharing this because I have been as simple as many of you in just letting much of this blow over. I’m beginning to see things differently.

As a collective my sense is that “hope” is dwindling and it has been for quite awhile. We see a system supposedly running the show and our deepest thought is “we can’t do anything about it”. I trust that we are doing something about it but there are many facets to this process that genuinely involves all of us.

I know better than to solicit your rising up for yet another cause. We are way too burned out for that. And we are truly better off not rallying but educating each other. There is no need to rally just like there is no need to war. This is a time for authentic education, research into our real her-story – his-story.

Only you can change yourself and that would be the self that rises up with the collective family. We are “reversing the energies” and there is a lit path through this muck and mire but only you can do the homework. Yeah, sorry, I don’t have a cure-all remedy in a bottle or another transformational workshop or a new deck of Tarot Cards. Those are items that certainly assist but not what is going to change the world. Our knowing the facts and truths about what has occurred on this planet is where each of us can be empowered and change the world.

This offering-invitation is simple, free and fully accessible. It’s about acquiring knowledge. The internet is over abundant with what we need to know.

I Am available to offer links, articles, leads that are educating me. I Am not naming topics or links in this moment because you already know what I Am speaking of…ask the big questions and follow the energetic trail. Don’t be so quick to judge something as a “conspiracy”…take a moment and feel what is in your heart. Remember a truth can scare you so take a moment to breathe through any fear then examine it again.

I will say this, there is a path to “freedom” and it’s not through the old system but it does have to do with knowing how and what each of us “consented” to in that old system. And simultaneously, knowing yourself as a Divine Spiritual Be-ing who is Rite-fully Sovereign on this Gaia, Blue Planet. We are “reversing the energies” and, of course, we want our entire family to celebrate this together.

I Love You So Grandly!
Blue Star Shama Deerwomon