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Knowing Myself As All That Is

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Knowing Myself As All That Is

I awaken to an intentioned be-ingness. I recognize my prayers and “thought creation” alive and vivid. As I exit or rather transition from my glorious dream state I open my eyes to my own design. Gaia is pleased as she recognizes me from eons ago and eons into the future and eons of this very moment. We heart-fully acknowledge each other and mutually share grace and celebration of freedom.

I am a traveling Galaxy and Earth was chosen from the depth of my divine soul blueprint. Although each of us arrives on this grand blue planet to observe and experience there is a harvesting of Gaia’s gifts that creates a more dominant reality. As humons we have been interfered with and enslaved and have lost the authentic sense of freedom that we are. As a result the creative spirit is dampened and the self-consented limitations daunt the precious Now future of this magnificent planet.

Gaia in some ways in a “way-through” planet. The invitation went out to the entire infinite universe to explore and experience her bounty. We have hardly touched upon the magic of life that she offers.

I arrived and I remember all the facets of my relationship to this planet. I remotely have seen and experienced her outreach to change things up. I understand the multitude of sentient beings throughout the universe desiring the precious visitation. I also experience the interference and crusty destination path to get here. Incarnation through the blessed be-earth canal was not the ideal entry but it was the entry that would entitle one to the experience of this great Mother.

We have come in many forms and we have been gifted the greatest of ideas and technology but we did not see the consequences of the harvesters with intention of enslavement. We have observed a dying race as a result of this appearance. Yet, there were many of us who would not give up. Surely, there was a way. We, as great path showers, did not venture towards the possibility of a lost planet as glorious as Gaia.

I arrived here knowing as many that the task at hand was grave indeed. I took the chance of losing sense of my divine self. I held a deep frequency of trust that this energetic could be navigated towards a most divine and benevolent conclusion.

As I exist more and more upon this planet I am getting my cosmic bearings and in essence “powering up”. When we last appeared it did not serve the people to be seen in any more light then existed. I arrived with new strategies as did many others.

My arrival tools consisted of the awareness and desire to create light, electricity, communication tools, telepathy and a smile that could light up the world. In my childhood as I reflect I can see now how those tools emerged. Over this lifetime I can see how these tools are divinely empowered and guided. I Am here now fully equipped and earth-wiser than ever.

I proceed. At this moment I Am a traveling Galaxy with the same forces of cosmic power and existence. This “earth suit” is continually re-adjusting to the increased light and electricity coming through me. In my earth agedness and life experience I Am able to assess and administrate these faculties. There is no intention of grandhood or magical emergence, yet I Am that. This is a time of great humility for the likes of me on planet blue. Our strategy is invisible, within, sensationally guided and most definitely telepathic. As our intention is aligned with divine benevolence we are increasingly empowered upon the earth. This truth is a path through the grand portal. It is available to those inviting their own divine “awakening”.

The “Sacred Scripts” are now in the hands of those who see. They are be-ing written as readily as you are reading the words right here. These scripts can never be stolen or hidden in the physical, material world nor in any so called illusion. These truths are timeless. In fact, the truthful scripts were timeless as well. Only this time the strategy is well embellished in a light source that is just occurring on this planet. As a result of the planetary intervention of energetic upliftment you could say all data up to this moment is no longer functionable. Thus, the “powers that were” are operating with obsolete data and thus no longer are able to maneuver the illusion created so long ago. This is be-ing a very painful process for those beings and they are scrambling to survive. However, there is no life raft or return. Their own prophesized doom has turned upon them. We bless them and know we remain in oneness with them. The “thought creations” of old will no longer exist. Those demolished “thought creations” now assist in the growing energetics of “Now”. It has been recycled.

I have travelled here and there on planet blue observing the varied facets of life within humon. Anyone can readily see the damage and interference to one’s divine freedom and creative expression. It has been an extraordinary task to “crack the code” so-to-speak. As I experimented with the presented options via this “earth suit” I readily met with all the obstacles that have been so planfully placed on everyone’s path. I suffered as any other and continued to understand, find a way through. I, as humon, felt despair and many times wanted to give up. But that clearly wasn’t an option nor my mission. As I re-entered each time I gained yet another kernel of wisdom. It took a long journey for me to finally go within and stay there. That is where I speak from now. This is what I cultivate and nourish on a day to day basis. There has been nothing in the exterior world that has served me other than knowing what I do not choose, what I say “no” to. I Am now living from within and building “crystal rainbow bridges” via the collective, psychic consciousness.

As I turned inward I did not leave Gaia although on occasion I certainly tried. But that was before I recognized the true power growing in my silent yet potent world from within. This journey is not for the faint of heart. This is a path of a “Spiritual Warrior’s Heart Dream”. This path does not serve you alone. This path serves the entire universe. Without this knowing in your divine heart-mind the tools of power lay dormant but all-ways there upon your awakening.

I speak from great expansiveness. I observe the world from this perspective. I prayerform magic and psychic diligence at all times.

In the realm of the “enslavement holographic” everything is predictable and I mean everything. All the calculated loops and patterns have perfect placement and full control of the directives subliminally and literally placed everywhere. The psychological-spiritual implications of interference have been well thought out and meet every divine be-ing at every turn of their earthly experience. Awakening is just the beginning of going deeper down the rabbit hole while be-ing empowered through knowledge and self embraced wisdom. As a result the multitude of choices are presented for how you are surviving and be-coming the divine be-ing that you are in the midst of more “intelligent activity”.

This path is not easy. You are required to be a true warrior or at least move towards the resonances that empower your knowing. Today everything is up for scrutiny. Every stone is be-ing overturned. There is only one truth guiding you and that is “you”. Be watchful of the traps of dark as well as the traps of light. Yes, nothing has remained untouched. Observe deeply the strategies you choose to be empowered by. There are layers upon layers upon layers of subliminal messages and psychic implants. As you examine and release one belief as quickly examine the next one that you put in its place. Unfortunately the expression holds up here “nothing is sacred” yet you divinely are, find “you”.
There is truth in the analogy of “peeling the onion”.

After you totally strip down and I mean totally then assess who you really are. Meditating upon the knowing of “oneness” is an extremely prevalent pointer. It is prevalent only if you keep going. There are no plateaus or resting places. This is the infinite path of your be-ingness and how you want to navigate your ongoing consciousness. Understand that “resting places” does not deprive you of genuine rest and absolutely give yourself time for integration but it means this is an ongoing existence of becoming…forever. Relax and get comfortable with the “adventure of your infinite life”. Your true power lies in each and every breath.

I Love You
Blue Star Deerwomon


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Divine Declared

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December 6th, 2014

In the world of UCC Coding I feel invited to add my take on a non-illusory and holographic theme. I name UCC as “Universal Co-operation and Communication”. The holographic is everyone experiencing “Unity Consciousness” with “Divine Law” of No Interference. Capital letters no longer exist in the English language as they have been sanctioned as discriminating. The people are all sharing a “Tone of Equality” and thus lower case usage of the English language now indicates we are equal and one and thriving as Divine Spiritual Be-ings upon Planet Earth. Sleepy or Not nothing comes between a humon and creator, as in, oneness. There are no false gods between our creator and ourselves. Thus, there are no imposed upon holographics such as the illusion of enslavement. That returns to who created it. That holographic is an old game lacking the ingenuity and authenticity of the consciousness of the people on Earth whether they are sleeping or not. For goodness sake, if our brothers and sisters are sleeping then bless them for their rest. And when they sleep or when they awaken the “Divine Law” of “Free Will” remains true and unencumbered by someone else’s bad dreams. In other words, all are still protected under Divine Law regardless of whether they are sleeping or not. The New World is “We Got Your Back“.

On that note…

Divne Declared

I recognize now that it is time to address the issues upon this planet earth that are not in alignment with “Divine Law” as a result of uninvited “interference”.

As a Divine Spiritual be-ing I Am addressing the Cabal, Illuminati, Star Nations and Multi-Universal Be-ings that are and have been presently involved with Planet Earth and the surrounding Solar System and all Planetary Systems that are in direct relations with her, Sophia Gaia, Earth.

It is now in my full Divine awareness that there has been a deliberate breach of “Divine Law” stated as and under the familiar term of “Free Will”. In this very timeless moment each of you know who you are and your presence and wherewithal is undeniable.

We are all “Divine” Be-ings. However, the deliberate breach of “Divine Law” has now surfaced and is completely in the awareness and consciousness of “Divine” Be-ings residing upon this planet. No denial accepted as this is a known by our “Divine” selves and under the honorable wings of Creator, of which no be-ing or extra-ordinary entity may come between. With this known I continue.

As “Divine” Be-ings upon this Planet Earth, we have been granted the gift and privilege of “Free Will”. We recognize at this juncture of our existence that there has been deliberate concealing of our ancient heritage. This ancient heritage was gifted to this species of Humonity in the form of visitations, scriptures and technology. This ancient heritage was also deliberately highjacked from the Humon species, thus, interfering with our “Divine Free Will”. At this moment, yes, I understand why those of you who are held accountable for this action may be getting a bit undone. That’s ok and I want to assure you that us be-ing in our “Divine” power actually has very loving and creative solutions for you. Upon a gathering together we will go further into those options of “Unity Consciousness” and Oneness.

This communication is addressing the entire infinite universe, all relations, especially those who have been and are presently involved with Sophia Gaia and her people, Humonity.

I stand here before you in every infinite realm of my “Divine” self and I Am stating now for the “Sacred Records of Divinity” that I Am fully aware of my Divine Spiritual Be-ingness and my Be-Earth Rites to thrive on and with Sophia Gaia, Planet Earth. All sacred texts, hidden technology, etc. are to be revealed and returned to humonity in their full and unedited context. In this instance “Free Will” has been stated under “Divine Law”. Would anyone have the audacity to deny this?! I think not as self banishment due to interference is a high payback with “Divine Law”.

Deer Ones, and you know of whom I speak. Your endeavors and manipulation of the illusory reality that has created a hologram of enslavement is completely in denial of our “Free Will” choices. As in this moment you are seen and “Free Will” has been expressed. Regardless of how sleepy consciousness may be you are in defiance of “Divine Law”. As I name this, it is so. As anyone names this it is so because “We Are All Divine Be-ings”.

Because you know this is true is all the evidence needed within “Divinity” to acknowledge a breach of divine contract.

The deception of the eons is over by the very nature that I Am speaking directly to you as a “Divine” Be-ing, resonating within the tone of equality. You are seen as a Divine. I Am not addressing you from within the enslaved delusion of your holographic design. I Am speaking to you from the same divine grounds from which you stand and come from. This is eye to eye with no magic needed as we are now here.

The ancient rituals and practices that you confiscated and originally designed the enslavement holographic has reached its final days. You and I know this. Not only is the data you are operating with has become obsolete but, in truth, we have surpassed the acquisition of that data as a very result of the thrust to search deeply within for the answers. The sacred scripts of past are no longer needed other than the fanciful and entertaining experience of observing a timeline of outdated history.

You did not succeed on the necessary timeline prior to this magnificent planetary shift. As a result you lost footing with your ways. Also, as a result, you did not cultivate true divinity from within to even know how the sacred scripts of now are be-ing written. You forfeited the learning time to back up your failure as you were way too certain of your success. We, on the other hand, sleepy or not have gained a much greater divine wisdom and knowing of how we will sustain through these magical portals and emerging vortexes. The space plans are already antique. The Star Nations of benevolence are already too divinely supreme for you to go any further. In fact, they are present in and amongst you as you invited infiltration by your very own acts.

By “Divine Law” all Nations are required to step forth, release your interference and accept that this game is truly over. You were keen players and no less or no more divine then any one of us. But, you too, got caught in your own falsity of illusion. The Planetary alignment, not within your control or even your wisdom bodies, is about to confront you much more than this declaration. This you already know.

We, of Planet Earth, declare No Interference, Friendly Relations, Co-operation and Communication-Sharing Knowledge. It is time to stand in the divine presence of each other and clarify Universal Law that respects and honors the integrity of all life, nations and creation. This begins the treaty of Universal Law.

In the name of our shared “Creator” no one can come between. False creators are a direct breach of cosmic, divine law of “Free Will”. No design of manipulative force or action is acceptable under the laws of “No Interference”.

We as Humons and under the rite of “Free Will” do declare that a Galactic Gathering of All Nations interested in the divine experience of Sophia Gaia must abide by the present moment of Divine Laws of Divine Integrity. This is a resonant call of a “Tone of Equality“. If any participant or Nation wants to experience the unique beauty of Sophia Gaia, Planet Earth, then the symbiosis of her resonant tone is requested by all visitors. She speaks freely and communicates clearly the reverence and respect that is in alignment with her original purpose. Her Divine desire is and has always been to enthuse oneness, love and to provide an environment in which to thrive from one’s own Divine Blue Print and soulful individuated consciousness. Creating holographic existences via the perceptual  gifts of her magnetic field may not be used to usurp anyone’s freedom or joy of creative expression. This is the Divine Law that the present planetary shift is sweeping in and throughout all consciousness residing here.

The mere statements be-ing issued from a Divine Be-ing incarnated upon this planet earth, as myself, is enough to establish the updated divine laws as now be-ing enforced.

Through this present awareness all of you who have created this illusion of slavery no longer have the power or rite to continue with those affairs. You are no longer holding imaginary powers and all minds and bodies are now free from mind control, fear and enslavement. Consider this done. And so it is.

Love, Light, Gratefull-ness,

Blue Star Deerwomon