Empowering from The Bottom Up

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Empowering from The Bottom Up

I recently returned to Eureka Springs, Arkansas to regroup, see some loved ones and sense the “barometer of consciousness” within the community I spent a long time living in. I have spoken about this community often when spending time with the group in Morocco, The One People, now The One Network.

My long time interest and dedication has been observing, sensing and feeling consciousness in a variety of geographical locations. It was this energetic trail that led me to Morocco. When I arrived I was not naive about the beauty and the obstacles of community living. After spending many years visiting and living with a variety of communities the familiar patterns and loops and concerns about co-operation and conflict resolution flatlined into a predictable resonant nature. I learned over the years to reserve judgement and put my focus on the greater picture of consciousness and global purpose. As a result I learned that it was indeed assessing the “barometer of consciousness” that has deepened my understanding spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally.

With that be-ing said, I returned to Eureka Springs, contemplating how and what are the best suggestions for growth and movement in these times? The members of The One Network are investigators, reporters and visionaries with a deep sense of commitment to the necessary shift in consciousness that will enhance Unity Consciousness and People Empowerment to change our world. I have been greatly influenced by this exposure and I returned here thinking much more expansively than when I departed.

Eureka Springs is a small community of mostly healers and artists. There is an abundance of creativity and daily smiles. It works! And the members come to one another’s help when in need. I readily started to think that this community has what it takes to “reverse the energies” of deception, become more empowered and make significant changes that can affect the entire world.

As I have been here with my now global attention I started to consider these following thoughts. If and when change is enforced upon us which seems inevitable as in the collapse of the american dollar etc. what is likely to occur among the people, among communities? After all these years of confronting the white house officials, “the powers that were” and experiencing one blockage after another people have generally lost hope and feel powerless in the face of critical and constructive change. This thinking is what led me to write about “Empowering from The Bottom Up”.

It begins with the above question “What happens to the people?”. I let myself imagine for a moment that life has become more difficult as in the nearing of a depression, for example. I sat back for a moment and asked myself what could I do to situate ourselves better if and when something like this occurs? I imagined the people surrounding me and I recognized as hardship occurs people become frightened and even experience panic. Unfortunately, the past has shown that when the people are deprived there is a tendency to rebel. But this is the bigger concern….when people rebel then the policing and enforcement follows. Here lies my gravest concern – Police!

Presently, we are, or at least a good majority of us, are still in our comfort zones. We may have shelter, water, food and fire and maybe even fortunate enough to have an income or savings of some sort. This would depict achieving the “American Dream” so-to-speak. Yet, I would examine that dream much more deeply at this time. None-the-less, comfort is comfort and the tendency is to just let things be as long as you have your comfort. On the other hand comfort tends to create complacency and these 2 existences are presently our worst enemy. And why? Because there is a feeling of not needing to do anything more…just chill. But the direction of world affairs is increasingly diminishing in vibrancy and the ability to thrive. We have a global situation now that cannot be denied. In fact, our global situation of the awakened is now sending the message that our personal comfort zone is no longer the point. Our global situation of the awakened is blatantly announcing to the world that EVERYONE’S comfort is now at stake. The time of comfort zones is over, the time of just “me” and my own personal bubble has been popped. Unity Consciousness and Global Participation is needed from every individual. No one is going to escape from this. If every individual is not fed, sheltered and watered on this planet then it is just a matter of time before we are all subjected to these very blatant atrocities of world domination. All eyes, ears and hearts of the people and organizations of this planet dedicated to world healing are announcing if one is unfed we are all unfed. The message is “WE”. The “little me” no longer has a place in where we are going.

OK, I admit, a little bit of a rant…just saying…but on to the point.

“Empowering from The Bottom Up”. I Am suggesting a strategy for these preliminary times. I never thought I’d be carrying this flag that I Am going to speak to but I cannot deny what I Am feeling and knowing from within.

I now return to my “Warrior Self” and preferably not “political” but in the past we would call it that. “Warrior” carries a resonant tone of challenging what is not right or “not of love”. Our world governing is “not of love”.

I return to the scenario of “what if” and “when” the oppressive energies are now in our faces. The first thought that came to me was the “police”. I realized that something every community can begin to do is take a good, long and hard look at your “local police”. It is time for the people to remember and remind all governing bodies that they are here representing the people and not the other way around. I propose that we, The People, begin to interview and assess where our local police stand. Are they here to protect and serve the people or are they, first, answering to “the powers that were”? Are they puppets on strings held by other puppets on strings held by other puppets on strings and on and on?

Or are they genuinely united with the community and the interest of the people? Basically, the hard question is when push comes to shove and uniting with the people means letting go of your comfort level to unite with what is just will you join us? Or are you available to be bought out and bribed?

This I feel is the first and foremost place to begin when “Empowering from The Bottom Up”. The next and most obvious position to approach is that of our elected officials starting on the lower rung. The reason I address the “police” first is that we want to be assured that “when” and “if” we need to gather in numbers to replace the governing positions with people guiding in justice we want to know there will be “no interference” from the “police”. They need to be in alignment with the people. They need to have courage and be enforcing what is just. They need to recognize they are one of us…”We The People”.

Empowering from The Bottom Up…this is a call to communities to get organized and begin to address the local “purging” of what no longer serves the people. Unite and move into the seats of office that are making the decisions about “Our Lives”.

One other note…I believe it was, Rod Class, a courageous and recent whistleblower who suggested to the people “Know what your rights are and know the law”. Highly recommend listening to this video, introduce yourself to Rod Class and Guests:

Now, this part is way out of my arena but there are many people amongst us who know law and know it well. Every iota of research in each and every challenge will empower us. These are loop holes that we can use to our benefit.

And on that note, I want to applaud the people of Eureka Springs, Arkansas who defeated Swepco and their distorted maneuverings, retained the pristine nature of the Buffalo River and have brought presence and voice to the ongoing confrontation of Keeping Our Water Clean!!! Bravo!!! These are the kinds of Warriors we need right now!

Empowering from The Bottom Up!

PS For Eureka Readers, remember when these folks were the City Council; Kathy Harrison, Charlotte Buchannon, Rae Hahn and several more brave Warriors?!

Well, we need the likes of them now! They fought long and hard for our freedom and justice. They were met with harsh challenges. But the times are changed and the times are ripe for the likes of these candidates to get into office! Let’s enthuse our governing positions with the people who truly are representing the people. Only this time we’ll support them like never before. Rise Up!

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