Meditation to Matrix

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Meditation to Matrix

Balance is a necessary act when experiencing our deeper, divine and heartfelt self and clearly co-existing in the Matrix, the illusory reality.

At this present time in his-tory the illusory reality is be-ing challenged, rightfully so, and re-informed with an existence of peace, love and tone of equality.

It is not the illusory reality or holographic lifestyle we are releasing. It is the content of projection that has been infused as interference which is the area of desired and focused change. Therefore, in this writing expression I desire to share that an illusory, holographic reality in and of itself is a “keeper” while simultaneously rooted in our divine be-ingness, I Am. Through our divine rootedness we choose to enthuse a more upbeat and thriving holographic reality.

For an extensive amount of linear time a spiritual seeker was inclined to follow a disciplined path of inner practice in hopes of leaving the Matrix reality that was filled with pain and suffering. Deliberate religious manipulations endorsed that the spiritual seeker put their faith and trust in something else, usually “out there” to escape from what did not feel good, or at least provide a practiced mind manipulation that in-couraged denial of “what is”.

Well the times have changed radically and thankfully so. The maligned intention of the “powers that were” was to divorce each one of us from our very essence as divine spiritual be-ings. However, the inner focus of ourselves as divine spiritual beings is, in fact, on the upsurge.

What I have noticed during my meditations is that much is “Falling Away“. You can click that link title to view an earlier writing about that subject. Information I Am receiving is that as we observe the existing matrix via our collective consensus reality we are also experiencing an observer position that uses viewpoints and perspectives within and from a collective consensus reality. In a tricky kind of way this keeps us engaged in the Matrix. So I started to explore what the options might be if I stepped out of this box, so-to-speak.

Essentially what happened is that I clarified the presence of “I Am” that which peacefully sits in one’s own knowing and eternal existence. While, simultaneously, I identified the earthly urge of imagination-thought impulsing and desiring entry into earthly form, hence co-creation. With this visual sensation I observed closely as spirit entered my earth suit. Well, lo and behold, I was now entering this “ordinary reality”, 3D and albeit, density.

The other night, as a caller on collective Imagination, I shared a sweet meditation experience that gave light to this bridge from meditation to matrix. I was observing the deeper moments of “I Am”  and then the first impulses of thought to re-enter the matrix unveiled, as in, ready to open my computer, write, get up, etc. Before my body suit exerted to fulfill the impulse I asked Sophia Gaia for clarity on this very subtle bridge way. This is the jist of her response.

Sophia Gaia reminded me of conception. She said our thoughts are similar to the first moments of conception and then there we are in our suits. Herself, like any Mother, has the intuitive ability of feeling and knowing the essence of her child even prior to birth. Then it continues. Sophia Gaia said I conceived of you and like any Mother I know my child’s thoughts and feelings even before they occur. I tend to your needs before you even have to express them. Well the same applies now in your adult skin suits. Before you even fulfill the inner impulse of thought to skin suit I already know and have provided for your need. This is why you can have the experience you spoke of above. you can dreamily, consciously reside in your “I Am” without having a thought and then effecting your desired goal. This is not to say that you no longer enact impulses within your be-ing. This is to say that trust in the Mother and that the Universe works in this way. I Am always here providing for you. I know you as my child and your dreams and wishes are heard before you even conceptualize them. I fulfill you. So be content with your essence and sensation as a living be-ing. Enjoy the beauty and love. Enthuse a deep frequency of trust that your dreams and visions are my dreams and visions and all is be-ing fulfilled.

Meditation to Matrix unfolded the sweet reminder that Mother is the bridge from “I Am” to Matrix existence. There would be no matrix if there was no Mother. Our Observer-Creator is our child’s play of exploration and co-creation. We are always invited by our Mother to rest in her, turn to her when we need that nurturance and guidance and support to be the potent children that “we are”. As we respect our Mother, all things are respected. We can rest in her, rest in ourselves and know our path is thrive-full. It is our divine be-earth rite. This is a truth of Sovereignty and “I Am” as we walk gratefully upon “The Land”.

So Much Love

Blue Star Deerwomon

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