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Vibrant Soul Expression:

I am sensitive to the energetics that surround me. My soul expresses and has an affinity with cleanliness on every multi-dimensional level.

In this present moment the energies that are flowing through me express an exhilaration and heightened nature of sparkliness. I can feel all the molecules dancing and singing in expansion from their own “solo integrity”.

As co-creator of my own reality and thus a ripple of consciousness into the collective reality I intend that all that surrounds me is in this particular synchronicity. I choose a resonance of responsible participation from each and every entity within my physical parameters of space. Of course, space be-ing infinite.

I invite the affinities that contribute a certain pristineness to all things, all relations, that be-ing every iota of particulate matter. I translate this as the responsibility of each human entity. This is an acknowledgement and a contribution to the “sacred”.

I would hope as this consciousness is embraced the humon would be prompted to evaluate how one could then enthuse the immediate physical environment. I know this has to be an individual action that can only emerge from the within. I invite the many “individuated consciousness” of humon to hear this call, feel this need and recognize the value for all people, for planet blue.

I wish for each individuated consciousness and thus physical entity to ask from within “how may I serve in this way?”

This cleanliness of action and call for mirroring of what is within to without is my shout out to the collective consciousness. Observe one’s environment and how one functions in it and know it is a metaphor of one’s self image and self growth on a global and universal existence.

This energetic is not harvestable from whence it comes. However, the resources that are an outgrowth, a physicalization of this energetic is harvested all around us.  This is the significant crux of the enslavement model, illusion. Yet, now in the recognition of our true and regained, remembered sovereignty we are addressing the “internalized harvester” within ourselves.

Begin with the depleted resources of Mother Earth and then witness how we each harvest from one another and our Mother…still…and usually quite unconsciously.

This harvesting that has been very instilled within each of us is a very challenging confrontation. In adapting to a new paradigm of self responsibility there are no outside guidelines or rules and regulations. Thus, we are resistant, and rightfully so, to anyone telling us how to behave. Yet, our behaviors aren’t all in sync with shared values and heart virtues. But no one is going to turn towards any dogmatic or religious direction. We can barely accept that a genuine government operating from truth and integrity can even exist.

We are now in the emergence of a new paradigm and the individual is now responsible and liable for their actions, words and thoughts. So how do each of us confront the internalized corruption and lack of heart virtues or shared values when now knowing this is a group r-evolution. This is an entry into shared consciousness and co-creation of a new reality.

As I have pondered this my thoughts went to the upbringing of children. If you notice parents, guardians do not hesitate to tell a child what their outer responsibilities are such as; taking out trash, putting their things away, washing a dish, etc. In optimal conscious parenting the hope is that at some point the child is instilled with their own sense of responsibility. As a result they do their chores now with a sense of integrity and connectedness to participating and supporting the whole or the family. It is no longer someone telling or asking them what to do. They get it and begin to participate from their own self governing and integrity.

Upon reflection of this I noted that as adults we no longer offer guidelines to each other, in fact, we tend to resent them more than appreciate the suggestion. However, we are amongst many adults who didn’t have an upbringing that cultivated genuine responsibility and integrity. Well, heck, that could be said of the entire planet for most part. But my point is that none of us have been educated in how the internal sense of self with values of responsibility and virtues of the heart looks like. Yet we still look to the externalized behaviors to determine if someone is in fact be-ing responsible or operating from virtues of the heart. This is how we got pretensious behavior to begin with. An organization such as a religious one dictated what those behaviors looked like and if you didn’t conform to that external image you were a mis-fit. Well, hallelujah, because mis-fits are uniting now and staying mis-fits because it is part of our diversity and freedom.

But to get back to the point…we need to release those pretentious ideas of what “good” behavior appears to be and allow the internal truths to behaviorally emerge. Rather than identify lists and guidelines for what our behaviors “should” look like a healthier approach may be to simply suggest questions one can ask of themselves. And then each individual do the soul searching.

Questions I would suggest might be the likes of these: 1. How are you be-ing responsible for the collective environment that you live in and share with others? 2. Are you “harvesting” from where you are? Do you return something to the space that you harvested from? Sometimes a mere smile to the space, yes, space creates molecules to sparkle. Imagine that all the space around you is sparkling. That makes a difference. It may be on the subtle and invisible realms but we now know we co-exist on the subtle and invisible realms. Every impeccable word, action and deed makes a difference. You are the only one to determine if and how you are making this difference. Do you smile upon life or do you frown upon it? Do you recognize that your frown and smile build realities? Well, they do. What reality are you building? This is self response-ability and it invites practice. There is no “out there” that is going to change our world. It’s each individual recognizing their part and accepting how powerful we really are. Let’s intention this power responsibly.

Every iota of a moment is precious…give it your best heart-thought and know that the energetic molecule swims and dances through the ethers and supports a growing shared vision of upliftment, response-ability and freedom. We feel each other, we feel everything. Therefore I invite each one of us to enthuse from our hearts what we want to feel. Why? Because it comes right back to you – Law of Attraction!



A Reminder:If you check “Following” at this WordPress Site you’ll be notified by email each time I post. Thankyou!

All gifts gratefully appreciated!

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