Home and Anchoring

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Home and Anchoring:

Of late I have been venturing into the “matrix” seeking to nourish “crystal rainbow bridges”. As always this path comes with the “matrix” challenges. The stumbling blocks of pain and suffering are present just about anywhere. The challenge has always been to walk smoothly within the “matrix” while sustaining the oneness and source that guides a path of non-interference, ease and effortlessness. Ultimately this points us back to within, where we cultivate our perspective of freedom and peace and then walk the walk.

This has been a forever dance something I see as “walking between the worlds”. In this divine motion I recognize the multi-faceted realities and the consequences that each presents. I recognize my inner centeredness that gives me the ability to remain neutral but highly aware. I cultivate Emotional Mastery and Spiritual Maturity to strengthen my ability to observe yet be empathic and compassionate with what is, beginning with myself.

There is no place like home. The experience of recognizing home is the experience of knowing all is present here where I Am. It’s an incredible peace when one recognizes all truly is provided for, as long as we also recognize that there is a divine, immutable law that offers alignment with our very origins and nature.

The”matrix” has provided all kinds of opportunities to divert our attention back home. We have been a “seeking people” since the veils were designed upon us. In our awakening, home has truly been a deep rooted and remembered desire. Many a search and a continuing one has been done by each and everyone of us. Simply asking the question “Who Am I” has led us down many a rabbit hole. There were shelves and plateaus where we decided to rest, re-assess and integrate only to be prompted to “go deeper”. It seems a natural state of be-ingness to do so.

There’s a sense in my be-ing this very day that “anchoring” is calling. I Am prompted to gather up all these molecules of home within and anchor with the earth, Mother Gaia. After eons of always be-ing there and reminding me that home has never left me she is gently saying “rest and be nurtured, reside in my abundant care”. I sense the Mother is calling us home, to get burrowed in and join the oneness of family.

My message is simple and gentle, a reminder of what allowing ourselves to sink into the beauty of the Mother holds for each and every one of us. We are loved, cared for and never alone. I like knowing there is no separation, especially when I Am at home within, and that what ever appears to separate us is more than likely based in fear, albeit, one of those gremlins of the “matrix”. Holding forgiveness and compassion through these times seems to be very potent tools. In the end we will re-unite and know our connectedness was there all along.

In the meantime, honoring each other’s choices and means of learning is so delicate a process. It’s so easy to judge and discriminate, if only, based upon our beliefs and adopted perspectives. Yet, when we return home each time that part of the “matrix” just disappears. It’s as if it never existed. But while we are in these transitioning times discernment is a necessary tool. When we follow the barometer from within of what resonates and what doesn’t we have a good chance of remaining in balance. And although we are demonstrating our bumps and turns to each other we still need to veer to the left or veer to the right while we spew our “interfered selves” out of the way. I truly don’t believe we want to harm anything or anyone but that’s our divine and highly spiritual presence. We are still walking the “matrix” and interwoven with our authentic moments of love is still veiled by our “in-authentic” moments of the “matrix”. So we learn to dodge each other’s moments of spewing and fear responses. And we seem to find each other in those moments when we are resting within.

I sense “anchoring time” is upon us. Embrace the real nuggets of self and burrough into the Mother. Allow, release and love yourself. Deepen the frequency of trust and experience the grace of reception. View the “matrix” lightly and with spaciousness. Know the ins and outs that resonate with your flow. Trust yourself, trust the Mother and enjoy Home. It’s always been here for us.


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2 thoughts on “Home and Anchoring

    New Earth Paradigmn said:
    February 12, 2015 at 9:50 pm

    I also like Cobra’s suggestion that we “find a crack in the Matrix” and work from there. Chefchouen is one of our “cracks.” Arkansas may offer another one. Tacoma is not it and we keep learning through the contrast.

    “Embrace the real nuggets of self and burrough into the Mother. Allow, release and love yourself.” This is key for me right now wherever I might find myself in physicality. Thank you for this sharing, Alia

    Liked by 1 person

    New Earth Heartbeat said:
    February 12, 2015 at 10:50 pm

    “honoring each other’s choices and means of learning is so delicate a process.” and “View the “matrix” lightly and with spaciousness.” – good guidelines for navigating the present energy nodes with ease… Thanks! with Love, tomas

    Liked by 1 person

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