Break It Down

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Break It Down:

I awakened this morning experiencing a deep somberness yet peaceful seriousness. As I was feeling into the worldly and cosmic energies I took an overview shot of all that is happening energetically and in density. I noted my own evolution of no longer be-ing overwhelmed by the state of affairs but be-ing able to have my emotional body in tact while reflecting on the many considerations we are addressing in these times.

I dove more deeply into asking how I came to be in this resonant space I Am speaking from. I went back into my past and reviewed my emotional state of be-coming. I noted that for a very long time I carried an uneasy feeling within me and an overpowering urge to understand, understand, understand. I spent many years studying and practicing via “spiritual disciplines” thinking this has surely got to be the way. But the urgency in me to know more continued. Eventually, yes, I gathered enough experiential information to self direct into peace and experience moments of bliss and even un-cover deep knowings of the most mystical teachings upon this planet. Yet, something kept prompting me to go deeper. It wasn’t enough to just find peace and hang there. This was a funny revelation to come to as I thought that was the end-all, that once attaining this inner divine space it was all done. But it wasn’t!

I held beliefs, like many on a “spiritual path” that now it was time to turn outward and begin some kind of helping effort for the rest of my planetary family. I held beliefs that it also looked a certain way, albeit, according to what “my beliefs” were about any given situation. I tended to think that the “spiritual path” a disciplined practice of inner development was absolutely the only way. But then I realized there was a “divide” as in, the rest of the world and the woes upon them. Spiritual beliefs and practices proved to be beneficial in cultivating what I call “Emotional Maturity” and “Spiritual Mastery” but what about those who weren’t necessarily embracing any particular practice yet demonstrated their heart of gold and genuine presence of a living be-ing?

This is when I noted a schism in my beliefs, thinking and life choices. I knew I had to rejoin the world from a very different perspective and not mine alone. This understanding caused me to take quite a turn in how I was going to proceed in my experiences of what we call “life”.

All the while that inner urge to know more and really understand how we, the planetary family, got to this state of mind and seemingly absence of love drove me onwards. There was always this kernel of truth saying something is just not right with the world. As I turned my attention to world events and allowed my emotional body to engage 100% I was devastated and experienced many moments of gloom, despair and borderline hopelessness. I surprised myself after so many years of residing in my little cacoon of mostly bliss than not. I felt anger at having to continually give attention to survival and as a result deprived of the necessary time to reflect, clear and love myself. I was tired of the system and the scarcity that imposed itself upon my freedom. I learned to live with less and less just to have the few freedoms I could which were mostly time and space to “understand”.

My journey to understand has taken me to many experiences and locations. And the point I want to make even surprisingly to myself is the following sharings.

I Am so not the person I was yesterday nor Am I the person I identified myself as. Recently, I entered the world and started going down the rabbit hole of now wanting facts, historically, of how we came to be where we are as a planetary family in this world. What I un-covered when I chose to go in this direction is that all my “spiritual practicing” gave me the ability to observe the brutality that is in the world from a fairly neutral zone. Because I reflect, accept and embrace my emotional be-ingness I now Am equipped to see reality as it is and make better decisions and discernments of what is true or not true. This is not to say that I no longer feel grief, sadness and anger. It is to say that I have cultivated the ability to be present to these emotions, clear and release so I may view what is behind the “why” those emotions occur to begin with.

I find myself in a new place. I Am researching and educating myself as quickly as I can about the deep and dark issues on the planet. I’m turning over stones I haven’t gone near since my most radical days of activism over 30 years ago. But this is the point I want to bring home. The kernel of truth that I sought after for all these years and that I thought was purely to be revealed in deepening my “spiritual path” was not where I found the truths I was seeking. Yes, it paved the wave but the “something more” started to resolve when I courageously went down the path of wanting to know the true facts of our his-story and how we got to be where we are.

I know this sounds a bit like an oxymoron but as I awakened today and checked in with the world after filling my belly with yet another day and night of world affair research such as the war with Israel and Palestine, pedophelia, satanism, NWO I experienced a somberness, calm seriousness. I experienced a deep inner peace because now I Am understanding the “why” of how we got here.

I never thought turning back to the matrix, illusory reality in this way was where my true spiritual peace would lie. My attention to the mis-information, the strategy of manipulation, the horrors of war and on and on has actually made me feel whole. I know this may sound strange but it’s absolutely true. I Am be-ing empowered by asking the hard questions. I Am be-ing empowered by doing this homework and getting the whole, clear picture.

So where does the “spiritual path” fit in? It’s an integrated Art. Call it anything you want, it doesn’t matter if it has a label and actually better if it doesn’t. Everyone is a “seeker” we all ask questions. Do whatever it takes to attain “emotional maturity” the ability to deal and heal with what is. “Spiritual Maturity” is do whatever keeps you in “right relations”, integrity, truth and virtues of the heart. Together these empower us to be in the world and not shy away. These paths no matter how you attain the love wisdom for yourself enables us to stand in the presence of the atrocities of the world with the Creator-Mother given powers of breathing….resting….integrating….and allowing the creative solutions for each and every moment and each and every situation to emerge.

When I returned my attention to understanding our real history upon this planet is when the missing “peace” to my spiritual quest arrived. All of my prior life has prepared me for this very “Now”.

I share my story to in-courage more attention to our planet, more attention to the tools of strengthening our emotional bodies so we are no longer fearful or overwhelmed or hopeless in changing our world together. I know everyone has their personal story and I in-courage each and every one of us to “keep on keeping on”, go deeper and maybe even “re-enter” this needed united force, the survival of our planetary family.

I came across an article several weeks ago and the message was something like this….knock on the doors you knocked on earlier in life that you were met with resistance….because the planetary energies are such that those doors will open now, in fact, the benevolent energies are opening the doors with you.

The message, for me, is recall those youthful spurts of passion and “I can change the world” stances and give it another “Go”.

One other thought for now and a most significant one. I, too, held the belief that if we gave the negative attention we would feed it. The option was to give only the creative and light-filled activities attention. I want to clarify something here that I have learned about this “message”. There is a distinct difference in “enthusing negative energy” and standing in a neutral, emotionally mature position that can observe negativity to understand and change it.

Attention to negativity doesn’t energize it if you are not emotionally “re-acting” to it! If you give attention to negativity and offer a response-able interaction you are not feeding it! You are taking responsible action to address it. This is really important.

The mis-informed part of this message has dumbed down our needed movement of love to action. We need not to ignore the negativity in this world. We need to rise up in an empowered stance and address this together for the creative solution to unfold. Love is inevitable when we move forward in maturity and right action. Let’s enthuse looking fear in the face, feel it, heal it and invite the creative solution through our hearts-to-action-to-freedom-to-planetary rising!

One Billion Rising has only just began!


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6 thoughts on “Break It Down

    New Earth Heartbeat said:
    February 18, 2015 at 7:12 pm

    “Attention to negativity doesn’t energize it if you are not emotionally ‘re-acting’ to it!”

    This statement brings us to the crux of the matter, in my view: Mindful living is living with open awareness that allows all frequencies in my field of perception to be seen, felt, embraced and embodied with Love. Mindful living is living as the energy of Love that never excludes anything. How can I fully embody being one of Intelligent, Compassionate and Loving Infinity’s information processors here in this realm if I don’t open my Heart to all of the suffering – in myself and others – “victims” as well as “perpetrators”? What behavior and “physical” actions will then be called for through my embodiment show themselves, in my experience, very dependably, especially when I am practiced in deep listening to my own promptings. More when we meet ‘in the flesh’ very soon!

    Liked by 1 person

      bluestardeerwomon responded:
      February 18, 2015 at 7:47 pm

      So incredibly well articulated! I say “ditto” to your divine and love wisdom sharing.


    iwyndstorm said:
    February 18, 2015 at 7:14 pm

    “Attention to negativity doesn’t energize it if you are not emotionally “re-acting” to it! If you give attention to negativity and offer a response-able interaction you are not feeding it! You are taking responsible action to address it. This is really important.”

    Thanks Blue Star for saying this. You said exactly what I’ve been wanting to convey, particularly to my partner. It’s the emotional mastery part, which brings balance and response-ability.

    I just wrote an article where I process my subconscious shadow externally manifested in the Illuminati. The practice, using I Myself as a linguistics tool to merge with my external environment, is an aspect of Language Yoga. I’ve got other articles on my site regrading Language Yoga, but here’s the link for “I Myself the Illuminati.” Thank you, and Injoy!


      bluestardeerwomon responded:
      February 18, 2015 at 7:46 pm

      iwyndstorm, love your article…i resonate with your exploration. I, too, engage in embracing all the energetics that be, whether positive or negative is not relevant when experiencing the empowerment of the full, integrated resonance! This nurtures my “neutral” position in be-ing able to experience the “allness” of what is and provides the divine strength to be present during these worldly twists and turns.
      Our “re-actions” to the “powers that were” have stolen our empowerment. Embracing the energies of potential “re-actions” and breathing in the divine Oneness of those substances infuses my soul greatly. There is no loss here. These are healthy positionings for enthusing the inner spirit, mind and body.
      I appreciate feeling this resonance with you. We are family. So very grateful! Blue Star Deerwomon

      Liked by 1 person

        iwyndstorm said:
        February 18, 2015 at 8:24 pm

        Yes. The Language Yoga tool I’m using has assisted me immensely in harnessing neutrality and fostering emotional stability. Yay!

        Thanks Blue Star for BEEing 😉

        Liked by 1 person

    iwyndstorm said:
    February 18, 2015 at 7:17 pm

    HA HA Tomas! We commented on the same part at the same time!! LOL

    How’s that for synchronicity!

    I love I


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