Global Soul Retrieval

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Last night my community of crystals called out to me. I asked “whaaasssup?”. They asked to be touched and I started to lovingly touch them and start to re-organize them in a somewhat symetrical pattern. They telepathically told me that’s not the configuration. As I allowed them to move through my hands the crystals all bunched up into a pile, all the while, I accepted that they did indeed know what they were doing. Then without a thought in my head I bent over, cupped my hands around the crystal pile and blew 3 times into my cupped hands of crystals. I knew instantly I was practicing the technique that I had cultivated when doing a “Soul Retrieval”. I was blowing “soul spirit” back into the Earth Heart through the conduit of the crystals. Prior to this calling I was in deep mediation and doing my prayerfull resonance with Creator and Mother and embracing our planet in love. I was primed for the crystal calling.

A thought re-occurred to me from over the years that a calling I have experienced numerously is to enthuse “A Global Soul Retrieval”. When I bent over to return “soul spirit” I felt the grand impact of that energy request be-ing full-filled. The crystals then chose to stay in this mountainous pile and revealed that a portal was open and “spirit souls” were pouring through and returning to The Mother. Alongside this activity a Deer friend who recently transitioned was right by the portal opening ushering the “spirit souls” through, as quickly as she could, with lit up intent and purpose. I thank you, loved one.

Not long after, I fell into a dreamy and deep night’s rest. I slept in to my surprise. But I dreamily and lucidly Am still facilitating a “Global Soul Retrieval”.

As I observe the world challenges it is easy to identify how our souls have been traumatized and exploited to serve the corruption that surrounds us. Perhaps, this is why the “era of zombies” has surfaced. There may very well be something real in this uprising.

The numbness and apathy that appears to permeate much of existence is tangable and recognizable. This has not just occurred out of laziness or wanting to ignore the situation. This dumbing down has deliberate intentions revealed through the poisonning of our water and food, poisoning of our minds through the media, poisoning of our spiritual be-ingness through controlled religion and poisoning of our air through chemtrails. This story goes on.

“Soul Retrieval”, having indigenous origins, is usually applied as a healing technique when the experience of the body has detached from its soul. The understanding is that when we are traumatized, as in sexual assault, to name one, there are aspects of our be-ingness that seek refuge. That refuge is primarily how do I get away from the body that is experiencing the trauma. As a result there can be an experience of deep emptiness within a be-ing. There are numerous symptoms that can be identified when spirit has sought to be elsewhere. It is not uncommon to just live life with a sense of “disconnectedness” and proceed with just getting by and survivng as one best can.

Soul retrieval and shamanic journeying were a saving grace for my healing of physical and sexual abuse. I was definitely living out-of-body for a very long time. The process, that was assisted by shamanic drumming, the heartbeat of the Mother and a heartfelt facilitator, in-couraged my fragmented aspects to return home, return to this physical entity to knit me back together into my wholeness once again. Understandably, the return is facing the emotional body that ran away to avoid the pain and suffering. Usually, at this point the individual is ready and more mature in accepting the healing process that is needed.

A “Global Soul Retrieval”…Why the call?  I sense, as I described above, that we as a global family have been traumatized and surely overwhelmed by the corruption on this planet. There has been every reason why any one of us would like “out”. Yet, We The People, are amazing and we came here to clean this planet up, if for nothing else, for the children of our future.

Here’s the image I Am working with…Use a drum, rattle or play a Mother Heartbeat in your internal audio mind….use your imagination and create an earth portal, however you are moved to do this, center in love and invite, in-courage any and all lost souls of benevolence to return home. Show them the portal entrance and guide them in. As you feel your heart fill blow into that portal knowing you are assisting in blowing those souls back to home, back to their hearts.

This calling will not only touch those on the other side but will call the aspects of you and I, here now, back into these sacred bodies of high spiritual be-ingness. I sense holding and enthusing the intention of “A Global Soul Retrieval” could significantly empower the people on this planet. Bring us home. The Mother awaits us with her endless loving arms. Fall into those loving arms and celebrate wholeness, peace and infinite love. As all aspects of our souls return we rise up empowered and fully present to do whatever needs to be done. I Love Each and Every One of You! Aho

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One thought on “Global Soul Retrieval

    New Earth Heartbeat said:
    February 21, 2015 at 5:31 pm

    Very timely! I am, as well, feeling the inner disconnect from the energy of pain that I experienced from childhood on till this day – pain energy that a part of me felt overwhelmed by. Yes, now is the time to return to that pain and embrace it. Easier said then done, and your shamanic ritual is most helpful. Thank you!

    with much love,
    your Brother in Light – tomas


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