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Internal Creation, I Am magnetically drawn to you. A nest awaits me each time to be nourished and enriched in peacefulness and knowing. I’ve learned and continue to learn that when the invitation is presented I Am guided to a place of answers only I can hear from within. Many years of inner traveling have shown me that when these prompts appear I Am well taken care of. So, I go once again on the miraculous journey of un-covering more of me, more of my internal essence flowing.

The parameters of earth timeline reveal a promising rhythm of “ebb and flow”. Alongside this organic dance I observe a co-existing reality of polarity, a “this” and a “that”. As I seek balance I ride the waves of consciousness within the womb of the Mother. She shows me her parameters of be-ingness and sourcing and how her way is as a river flowing. Movement is always occurring yet as the breath there is an “in” and an “out” and the “cosmic pause” in between. All are to be celebrated. So relax, enjoy and go with the flow “I Am forever here” She kindly says.

I rise from my sleep, awaken and I Am greeted in “Lucid Presence”. I sense the “crystal rainbow bridge” between the worlds. This tool of navigation allows all feelers to sense direction. I now enter the world of multi-dimensionality and recognize that this is a necessary tapestry. There is no navigation amongst the multitude of realities and molecules of today without the self-loving embrace of this multi-faceted means of communication. As we observe the veils lifting we simultaneously observe the veils. What could that possibly mean?

A shade of gray now has substance. A glance across the room now sees through the walls. A palpitation of the heart designates something so real is not. A belief once held melts like ice under a summer sun. A friend that you knew you know no longer. A bond thicker than glue loses its adhesive. A thriving life, and so it seemed, is vacant of vitality. Yet, the colors of the rainbow you now feel.

World changing. We knew it would arrive. Old wounds releasing…the only way we could survive. The mental gyration can no longer resist…meltdown persists.

Is memory loss the topic of conversation? Is there a cool and cleansing sweep releasing the mental loop insanity? Has this not been the encased arena of mind’s demise? What Am I “thinking” becomes a question of old. What Am I “feeling” is the only way through. May I trust this deeply…the self within?

“Lucid Presence” calls out to me…be here now, be here now, be here now.


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One thought on “Lucid Presence

    New Earth Heartbeat said:
    March 13, 2015 at 2:36 am

    Lucid Presence – wonderful!


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