What Stirs Within

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Come here to me. I know you hear me. Just take a simple breath, say hello, let me know you are listening. Now relax, allow me to converse with you. Yes, I Am real. You have heard me your entire existence. Yes, the veil is lifted in these moments. I Am for real. I Am you.

Take another breath, relax some more, ignore the distraction to do this or that. Forget that silly time restraint. It is not real but you are. This conversation is real. Validate it for yourself. No need to go running to someone to share. No reason to be in awe. Just relax, listen. I Love You. Oh sure there is that koan of who is saying that, who is loving me, how can this be true, etc., etc. But embrace this magical moment and intend stillness to the mind asking so much. There is a place for asking..it is down deep within your heart space. There is a whispering voice, your higher self, that asks. There is an answering voice, your higher self, that answers. Listen, breathe and have a conversation with your loving self. No proof needed, no external validation. I, we, have been conversing for eons. You really do know me. Your life has just been too filled to spend the time here. Yes, put that external world aside for a moment. It’ll be there when you choose to re-enter. But I guarantee when you do you’ll see it differently. You’ll feel composure, affirmation that we do exist. We are the guiding voices of love, creation and the knowledge you seek. Oh I know that little squarrely, wounded mind wants to take you away, look in another direction. But wait, slow down, stay here with me. I truly Love you.

The stirring within is you and is me. Home is truly here but you’ve heard all this before. It’s now a matter of not what you believe but what you know from these depths, from whence I speak with you. There is nothing like this anywhere. I know that may scare you but truth be known it’s simply me and you. The scary part is you think you are so alone. Yes, you are. Be scared but more importantly be comforted. That’s why not many people come here. It is unique to each individual, each spark of source. You are lovingly alone and you are not. That understanding eventually finds its way into your heart. This is where trust deepens. But pay no heed to external words or familiar dialogue. Listen here from within and explore that reality. Your reality. This conversation is ongoing. Oh no, please don’t leave. This is a moment lovers dream of. This is the moment lovers commune and experience fullness and bliss in their entire be-ing. That other lover stuff on the outside readily falls short the moment you are not residing here. I Am your lover. You are my lover. May we continue in this glow.

Mmmmmmm, even this shared moment of glow genuinely scares us. It’s a bit similar in that outside lover experience where we get scared with the sinking vulnerability and want to change the subject, change the act of intimacy. Yet this very depth of intimacy is what each of us yearns for. Breathe, stay present and love in the delight of newness, shedding an old skin, getting closer to yourself, source. You can even experience your body aroused and vibrant if you stick around long enough. This is a funny part about life. We truly know this organic ecstasy yet we continue to reach for it “out there” when, in fact, here we are in communion. That is, of course, if you are still here?!



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    New Earth Heartbeat said:
    March 13, 2015 at 2:40 am

    We are close.


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