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You came here to re-group and continue nourishment of your internal creation. The external world no longer existed for you as a playing space for knowing who you are. In fact, the external environment became in-consequential to what you were seeking from within. Later on you realized that viewing the external creation was only of value after first existing from within. But all operations originating from without were not of the most pertinent priority.

Your life has evolved into having basic needs taken care of to reduce the distractions from knowing and be-ing more of who you are, “Soul Spirit Walking on The Land”. Many experiences throughout your life have been chewed on and chewed on beyond having much to spit out. That’s just the way you measure things, an earthly behavior, go figure…LOL!

So the reminder in this moment is there is nothing to do, regain or recapture from a past that not only no longer exists in the past but resides in the future and the now of this moment in all its new glory. There is no going back as the energetics change continuously. Yet, The Box, does appear to exist everywhere. This is what you have discovered will travel with you to just about any place you visit. Thus, why you seek niches such as this present one to simply have the basics of life and get on with your inner reflections, as that does seem to be the driving force of your nature.

Having a genuine alert that be-ing separated from Source-Your Divine Soulful Self at any given moment is only determined by you and your perceptions. You have set an energetic, sensationing standard of determining when that occurs or not. You have on many occasions tried to release this only to return again. The release of this standard sinks your ship so-to-speak relentlessly when you do. It doesn’t appear to be a beneficial option at this time.

Your experiences have shown you and driven home that patterns and loops and mundane existences are abundantly rampant around you. Although you seem to dis-engage rather well the collective energetics are still potently identifiable and more than not too close to home. You can get a bit indignant about this but quickly return to forgiveness and compassion. Your preferred choice of response is to remain very close to your own enthused higher self…and why not? Is this not the essence of your be-ing that is invoked upon this planet? Seems so. Well then the scenario of challenge is made apparent.

You have more than acquainted yourself with worldly affairs and why survival on this planet is pure enslavement as opposed to pure spiritual thriving. You, as many, have come to personal conclusions of why this is so and your relationship to it. It appears there is an earthly, collective movement addressing this very concern. However, within a nano second this can be dismissed. Also, with that dismissal the world experience goes into a vast void. This void takes on the appearance of something to be conquered. Yet, conquering something is not in alignment with knowing that you already have what you choose and cultivate within as internal creation. Thus, the paradoxes, koans and contradictions of living in the matrix reality reveal themselves. The pursuit of figuring out “the” or “a” puzzle returns. Where do you go from here?

Quite naturally after dizzying yourself with these deep, existential questions you scream out for peace and calmness. The route is usually to go within, if nothing else, breathe consciously. There, in the substance of calming, new perceptions emerge and your relationship to everything prior has now taken a new turn. You observe the power of that intention and wonder why you didn’t either do that in the first place or simply remain there. This, then becomes the new priority of proceeding. And in a serendipitous way you have created and exist once again in your own, purely designed loop or pattern. “Hmmmmm…” says the inner self the moment this reflection is brought to consciousness and then another aspect of the process begins. So the unraveling story continues. The growth is potentially there or not, depends on how you process it. The probabilities increase and life continues in your earthly form and more trial and errors occur. For a moment, consider how the diversity of life therefore presents itself. If each and every individual is doing their own personal journey there is no wonder that our differences are vast and grand. And why does this even matter?

Internal creation is a private and solo experience. Returning to Source offers a unification and oneness of spirit and all things. There is no separation. As we imbibe in this essence of creation we experience peacefulness, a wholeness that is indescribable and something we would prefer continued in our every day reality here on earth. As we nurture and cultivate this divine blissfulness it then appears in its miraculous ways in our external creation reality. That is, of course, one is allowing and observing that it is so.

As internal creation presents itself, especially the aspect of oneness, it enthuses the potential of that oneness in the external creation reality. So although our unique, solo and individuated aspects of consciousness appear very distinctly alone we are not. Our base source be-ing oneness seeks oneness in our external creation realities. Thus, the diversity of our solo selves now reaches for the collective experience, the unification and oneness of which we all are.

The quest is how each one of us is sorting this out. If we are resonating from our genuine Source Self then we seek resonance with others doing the same, affinities to each other arise. However, if we are fragmented by living first from an external reality, the matrix, as the place of seeking, only fragments of our self find fragments of each other. Thus the disjointed experiences of relationships to each other and to the world.

This mishmash of life is what is demanding our attention. We are trying to make sense of a world that doesn’t make sense, at least not to our inner divine be-ingness. Our attention has been drawn to living from without, measuring our be-ingness by a falsified reality that we were brilliantly persuaded to adopt. Yet, each one of us has a divine spark within that keeps on keeping on in trying to persuade our attention back to within. We get glimpses of this calling and experience but now our survival is dependent upon the external matrix. There isn’t much time and space left to “pause” and listen to within. The outer focus has become a dependency for survival. Dilemna for our spiritual be-ingness is an understatement in these times. Species extinction is a more likely direction of the path we have been herded along in… the sheeple mentality.

I started writing this piece to myself. I wanted to gain clarity on this marked occasion of the Spring Equinox. I was slipping into maybe a small moment of despair and lostness and knew I needed to sort myself out, get my center and clear shamanically.

I took this time to remind myself of all I have held within as my passionate desires and intentions. I decided to reflect upon how much of this actually has externalized in my world. I Am grateful. The writing began as me telling me who and what I Am in this moment. Then it evolved into you and everyone else on the planet. That’s why I’m sharing this “reminder” to myself with you.



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