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As I journeyed deep within myself I experienced and encountered the essence of “Source Uninterrupted”. This spaciousness was divinely offered from myself in a presentation of molecular and geometrical sensations. As I recognized the internal creation environment of my inner self I explored and asked questions, deep questions.

As I was entering the space of accepting and embracing conclusions from this journey I arrived at what seemed to be the most relevant question to continue in exploration. That was the question of “ethical considerations” in the spiritual realm.

It had occurred to me throughout my contemplative meditation that as I spiraled back to the existence of what we have named the “matrix” that again the collective agreement of “free will” remained a pertinent essence of respect and reverence. Although I was in the experience and essence of divine inner creation and power it was potently clear that my imaginations and wishes had to adhere to the individuals around me and in the world . I had to adhere and respect each individuated consciousness’ choice and “free will”. This is where I started my examination of “ethical considerations”.

If I return to the earlier launch of this spiritual investigation I encountered my journey towards my “source origins”. I was simply asking once again and perhaps forever “Who Am I? This is when my molecular make-up was presented to me as I morphed and journeyed into pure consciousness, an epic of nothingness yet everything.

The observer self in me noted, once again, as I ventured towards the infinite and expansiveness of this inner self I was reminded of the consequences upon my return. It has been my experience that each time I journey to such a vast distance I then have to encounter the return to a “matrix” of a small expanse. This return inevitably isolates myself from the mainstream, collective consciousness agreements. My bigness upon return doesn’t typically fit in the realm that I perceive from and call the “matrix”. In my past this was rather devastating and even daunting until many hundreds of journeys later I started to recognize my “free will” in choosing these escapades and accepting the reorientation and reintegration that inevitably awaited me in my return.

Up to this point of my life much of my focus was on me and how do I fit into this world. At this moment in time I Am now focusing on the collective consciousness and agreements that we have embraced and how we together fit into this world.

The journey I speak of today offered many opportunities to ask and view within the molecular universe the issues of enslavement and space wars, astral jailing, mind control, etc. You know, the simple perplexities of life in the “matrix”.

I was asking about my origins as a spiritual be-ing and seeking understanding of my present residence here upon Earth. For me, it seemed that the cultivation and nurturance of my spiritual origins suited me best. So I went deeply into that sensation and quest. In that experience I expanded and went beyond anything that occurs here for me as an “earthling”…so it seemed. And while there I gave my attention to the return and ask of myself how can I best apply my potential gifts to a world I viewed as perhaps needing a boost, a healthy change. This is when the “ethical considerations” came to mind. I asked who was I to think anything needed to be changed and what authority was I to even apply myself to change? This questioning led me to explore “collective consciousness and agreements”.

I was readily turned back upon myself in understanding the ethical considerations of this. I was directed to stay focused upon my own design and examine what it was that I wanted to enthuse in my environment for myself. The molecular presence that surrounded me readily let me know it’s your “free will” choose whatever and remember you may be creating great spaciousness upon return to the “matrix”.

I clarified how to proceed and was shown rather than imposing my wishes upon the collective I would simply invite the energetics that were resonant with my inner design to come to me. This allowed me not to impose upon other’s “free will” but to announce a call to those who had a similar harmonic resonance to be with me.

This direction occurred to me when I was viewing the worldly issues as stated above and I had my own application of energetics that I chose fitting as “creative solutions”. But in retrospect it was a world that “I” wanted to live in and “I” was ready to have externalized as creation of what was within me wanting to express from Source.

It has grown increasingly obvious to me that the readiness of each individual to make their telepathic announcement to the world via their “free will” has probabilities way beyond my knowing or better yet my responsibility. However, I do put a telepathic call out to the world that my family and friends who share harmonic resonance with me please “show up”!

When I go cruising within my own universe I declare and state over and over what I do and don’t consent to. As I intend a furthering of my experience with my spiritual origins I readily recognize I have the power to create a world that I thrive in. Although I sense there is a fair amount of the collective invoking similar existences of peace and non-interference I also recognize the spiritual strengthening from within is a foremost pre-requisite to the process. Alongside that there seems to be a rather urgent call to quiet the mind, say no to the programming and know that, as your life depends upon it.

“Source Uninterrupted” is not only our ongoing inner journey but the authentic embrace that all within is true. There are no limitations. There is no comparison or rationalization for it either. There is, however, an awareness of our “internal creation” revealing itself in a physicalized way. Yet it is not the physical to be rearranged or even manipulated, nor is the internal. It’s our fluent inner imagination and trust of ourselves that navigates our dreams coming to fruition. Then we relax and allow the grace of our visions to unfold and always remember to say thank you.



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